Public Service Announcement

The message boards are back online!!! After much wrangling, some unladylike language, and finally getting to deal with a truly wonderful, helpful IT person, the boards are back up. From the email I’ve been getting, I know you all have missed it as much as I have, so I’m glad the wait is over.

See you on the boards!

-Lynn Spencer

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2 Responses to Public Service Announcement

  1. Tee says:

    Oh, yes. A VERY welcome back!

    Just a quick observation. The “Announcements” board was not an effective way to broadcast a problem because I guess it’s connected to the same program or system that the rest of the boards link to. I don’t know much about these things, but the Home and Blog pages continued to operate because they’re separate from the boards. So, they would probably be good places to place an announcement when such a thing should occur again (hope never again, though). I did see a notice on the Home page later, so that worked well for letting everyone know.

  2. Lynn Spencer says:

    Thanks, Tee. We’re so glad to be back. While we use the “Announcements” board for other things, we actually put the announcement of the board outage up on our home page precisely for the reason you mention.

    See you on the boards!

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