Eagerly Awaiting? Not So Much.

Each month Rachel sends all AAR staff a list of upcoming books (wonderfully prepared by Bessie), and asks us to select our “eagerly awaiting” books. Our choices then appear here about a week later. For me, eagerly awaiting means I’m either going to head to the bookstore the day the book comes out, pre-order it at Amazon for delivery to my Kindle the morning it’s released, or be first in line with a hold on the book at the library.

I always look forward to getting the list, as it gives me a heads-up about books by many of my favorite authors that I didn’t know were soon to be released. Many months, I actually struggle to limit myself to three or so books, as there may be five or more romances I’m eagerly awaiting.

This time, a strange thing happened. Last week, Rachel sent the list for April 2009 releases. I went through it almost immediately, but didn’t see a single romance I was eagerly awaiting. I figured I must have missed something, so went back through it again. The second time, I did find one romance that I am eagerly awaiting, Karen Kendall’s Take Me Two Times. I enjoyed her Take Me If You Can last year, and this is the second entry in the same series. But that’s it, no other romances.

The only other books on the list that I’m genuinely eagerly awaiting are mysteries by Diane Mott Davidson and Susan Wittig Albert. Now these two authors’ mystery series each have had a nice romantic thread developing over time, but they are definitely not romances. There are some other romances on the list for April releases that sound interesting and that I may eventually read, but I can’t say I’m eagerly awaiting them.

I was curious to see what my fellow AAR staff members picked for their eagerly awaited April releases. Maybe I was missing something. Sure enough, a few staff members listed several books they were eagerly awaiting fairly quickly. I’ll have to admit I had either not heard of the authors they listed, or if I had, noted that they were historical romances. Since I only very rarely read historical romances, I usually don’t even bother to look in that section.

A number of other AAR staff members simply sent back emails indicating that there were no books that they were “eagerly awaiting” on the list. While this made me feel a bit better – I clearly wasn’t missing out on some big romance – it also got me to thinking. Is there something different about April?  

I did a couple quick power searches at AAR for books published in April in both 2008 and 2007, and discovered there weren’t any books in those lists that I would rate as an A. I then looked back through my reading records for the past few years, and couldn’t find any A’s among the books I read the last three Aprils. In contrast, January and February usually seem to be good months for me.

Are there some months that you traditionally look forward to for romance releases, or does it vary from year to year? More importantly, are there some “must read” romances on this list – other than historicals – that I’m missing out on?















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15 Responses to Eagerly Awaiting? Not So Much.

  1. HipShaker says:

    I’ve been dying for To Beguile a Beast from Elizabeth Hoyt ever since those characters were introduced in To Seduce a Sinner & the little sneak peek at the back of the book. I’m surprised no one had that one on their list. Also, Nauti Intentions by Lora Leigh and Dayhunter by Jocelynn Drake although the latter is an urban fantasy. My most anticipated book in general (I keep entering ARC contests and failing miserably) is Fragile Eternity by Melissa Marr. Again, not strictly a romance but it has great romance in it!

    I’ve only been reading romance for less than a year so I don’t know if April is usually a slow month but it’s okay with me if it is because I still have tons of books to catch up on!

  2. Marcella says:

    FYI, I think To Beguile a Beast will be published in May.

    I too noticed the absence of interesting books. All I picked was Jo Beverley’s Secret Wedding and Teresa Medeiros’ Some Like It Wild. Doesn’t matter – other months had too much to choose from.

  3. Cindy says:

    To Beguile a Beast releases 4/28, but in May, I’ll be eating Ramen noodles and box (cheap) mac and cheese to get the books I want!!! I’ve also saved a visa gift card from Christmas for this month!

  4. maggie b. says:

    I am not *eagerly* awaiting anything except the Balogh. But I at least *awaiting* Jo Beverly’s “The Secret Wedding”, Stephanie Bond’s 4 Bodies and a Funeral, Janice Kay Johnson’s “Someone like her” and “Paradise
    Valley” by Robyn Carr. Although I’ll be honest — The Virgin River Series started with a bang but hasn’t done much for me the last three books. I hope this next one is better.

    maggie b.

  5. Katie Mack says:

    I have to admit that when I listed the books that I was eagerly awaiting for April, I didn’t really take to heart the “eagerly” part. While I am looking forward to reading every book I listed, probably the only one that I’m truly eagerly awaiting is Sarah Mayberry’s “She’s Got it Bad” because I love her Blazes.

    But May is looking very promising with releases from Rachel Gibson, Erin McCarthy, and Deirdre Martin.

  6. Trish says:

    I had the same reaction in that I was not “eagerly” awaiting any of those books nor the ones not on the list that I was aware of. I have a mild level of interest in Christine Warren’s YOU’RE SO VEIN but will wait for reviews and reader feedback before shelling out $$$. I guess I’m an anomoly (sp?) in that I have never read a Jo Beverly or Teresa Mederios book in my life, and I do read historicals. The only books I had much interest in were the April 28/May releases TO BEGUILE A BEAST and LOVER AVENGED (along with several other May releases). But since LA is a hardcover release, that’ll be either a borrow or a wait till the paperback comes out in December. But that’s okay, I have a couple of Jan/Feb books that I still haven’t gotten to yet.

  7. Amy says:

    A book I’ve been eagerly waiting for–for over a year now!–is the next in Jessica Bird’s O’Banyon Brothers books. I do not understand what is going on with that series. The first book was published August of 2007. It would be reasonable to assume that the next book would come out in 3-12 months, wouldn’t it? There was a note at the back of the first book saying something like “Look for Billy and Mac’s stories coming soon…” Then nothing. For month after month. Does anyone have any useful news, or a string they can pull to find out what is going on? I hope this isn’t another Nora Roberts situation with Silhouette/Harlequin. I was promised a trilogy and I by golly want it. (stomp my foot) :)

  8. Leigh says:

    There are months when there is really nothing on the list that I am anxiously awaiting. I can usually find one or two books, that I am mildly interested in reading though.

    I am not sure what is happening. Do readers just overdose on romance, and have to take a break? Because so many of books by authors that I loved are now in the category of might buy?

  9. Ruth says:

    I am looking forward to Ann Aguirre’s Blue Diablo and Elizabeth Vaughn’s White Star. Do the ones count coming out 4/28 like The Trouble with Demons by Lisa Shearin, Storm Glass by Maria Snyder and Vision in White by Nora Roberts? Also Amanda Quick’s Perfect Poison comes out 4/21.

  10. CindyS says:

    I have traditionally found that the first good month for me is March, then May (I swear Anne Stuart publishes every May) and then either June or July.

    Nov through to Feb are usually very bad months for eagerly awaited books for me. I wonder if there are ‘publishing hot zones’ that the houses know about and put their best books out during those particular months.

  11. CindyS says:

    Amy, I went to J.R. Ward’s site and then onto her message board. Someone there asked the question and Ward said she would love to finish that series. The date on the post was Dec 14/08. It seems like she has other obligations – I guess there may be a new series about Angels she is working on and then of course, the next BDB book.

    It’s not an answer but at least you know she hasn’t just said ‘meh, not interested ;)


  12. LinnieGayl says:

    CindyS, that’s interesting about your good months and bad months for books. I know May used to be a really good month for me, because it was when Elizabeth Peters would always release the next Amelia Peabody book.

    Amy, I’m with you on waiting and waiting and waiting for the next in that Jessica Bird series. Thanks for the info about it Cindy. I just hope the other brothers’ books are eventually published.

  13. Janine (LFL) says:


    I don’t know if you count it as an April release or a March release, but I am really looking forward to Shana Abe’s The Treasure Keeper. I’m also interested in Blue Diablo by Ann Aguirre and in Beyond Heaving Bosoms: The Smart Bitches’ Guide to Romance Novels by Sarah Wendell and Candy Tan. I have not read any of these yet, but I’m really looking forward to them.

  14. AAR Lynn says:

    I guess I tend to always have something that I’m eagerly awaiting. Some months, there are big releases from well-known authors, but in what used to be my “off” months, I’m now finding out about small-press or ebooks that I am really looking for. At the moment, I am itching to get my hands on the various Roberta Gellis reissues that Cerridwen Press is doing. I also heard a rumor that Judith James has a new one coming this fall from Sourcebooks (loved Broken Wing and I so want to see a new book from her!).

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