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Defining Romance: Does RWA finally have it right?

On April 4, a message went up on the Romance Writers of America (RWA) blog: Important Message Regarding 2005 “Definition of Romance” Survey. Here’s what it said: At the November 2015 Board of Directors meeting, one of the issues discussed … Continue reading

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Dangerous Fantasies: A Guest Post by Jill Sorenson

Hello All About Romance! Thanks so much for having me. This is a discussion post from the Motorcycle Club Heroes class I taught at RWA University in February. Trigger warning for disturbing subjects, including rape and abuse. Motorcycle club heroes … Continue reading

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Diversity in Romance: A Guest Post by Audra North

I’m guest posting today about diversity in romance, with a focus on race and ethnicity, using the responses from a small, informal survey I conducted last month. The discussion about diversity in romance, which goes beyond race and ethnicity, has … Continue reading

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Maya Rodale talks about Dangerous Books for Girls

I was at an absurdly hip underground pop-up dinner (eleven tiny courses based around the 1968 Volkswagen bus) and seated across from a couple both of whom were cancer researchers. In the midst of a discussion about Americans’ (mis)perception of what modern … Continue reading

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The Ideal Romantic Hero

Every once in a while I will fall in love with a hero. Kit from Mary Balogh’s A Summer to Remember comes to mind. I loved his laughing eyes. I loved his sunny nature. As I typed this half a … Continue reading

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Happily Ever….

One of the most – cough – discussed posts we’ve had on Queer Romance Month recently has been about the happy ever after in queer romance. What the post, and the responses to the post, highlighted for me was just … Continue reading

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This month, the C word is Celebration.

Over the next month, AAR will run a column a week as part of our participation in Queer Romance Month. This, penned by author Alexis Hall, is the first of the four.

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Checking in with Sarah MacLean

I was lucky enough to get a chance to sit down and chat with Sarah MacLean while at RWA. (This was before she won the RITA for best historical romance!) I wanted to follow up with her. I’d talked to … Continue reading

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The SA in NA

A few months ago, I wrote a tongue-in-cheek guide to writing a successful New Adult novel. I wrote this piece after reading yet another book that seemed to follow such a formula as to be suspect, that this Mad Libs … Continue reading

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Sarah MacLean talks about romance, the New York Times, and upending tropes

  Sarah, this fall the New York Times Book Review published a “Sex” issue that lacked any coverage of the romance or erotica genre. (I read it and steam came out of my ears.) You sent a lovely letter to the editors taking … Continue reading

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