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Sam Heughan: A Romance Hero for the Ages

I’ve been thinking about the Golden Globes, which followed the Emmys in failing to nominate Sam Heughan for Outlander (the show was nominated for Best Drama, and both Caitriona Balfe as Claire and Tobias Menzies as Black Jack scored acting … Continue reading

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On “Say Yes to the Dress”

I’ve watched almost no reality TV. I watched the finals of the first four seasons of American Idol, some scenes from the two Survivor seasons my niece’s husband was on, and the episodes of The Voice when a kid who went to school with my twins … Continue reading

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Twenty years ago, Colin Firth Jumped Into a Lake

Pride and Prejudice turns twenty this year. Not that Pride and Prejudice, the other one. Colin Firth Darcy Pride and Prejudice. Colin Firth Darcy gazing at Jennifer Ehle Lizzy playing the piano Pride and Prejudice. Colin Firth Darcy wet shirt Pride and Prejudice. That … Continue reading

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Ruminations on Re-watching Downton Abbey

In preparation for the coming (and final) season of Downton Abbey I’ve been binging on the previous seasons. My first thought as I watched those early episodes was that this is an easy show to binge. Every installment is a … Continue reading

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The Wrong Man

The first time I fell in love with the wrong man, I was a teenager, and the man was Victor Laszlo. Now, Laszlo is only “the wrong man” by weird convoluted cinema logic. He’s been thwarting the Nazis across Europe … Continue reading

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The Sweet Raunchy Joy of “Catastrophe”

Over the past week my almost 18 year old niece–she’s living with me for a month, brave soul–and I watched all six episodes of Amazon’s original show Catastrophe. And original it is. In the show’s first few scenes, Rob and Sharon–played … Continue reading

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The Second Half of the First Season of Outlander is almost over. We have thoughts.

Today AAR’s Melanie–who is all caught up on the show–shares her thoughts about this season of Outlander. She watches the show each week with her sister, Natalie. Here’s their take: With much ado, the current season of Outlander, the Starz … Continue reading

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Poldark: A BBC Winner

When Dabney recently asked for ideas for new TV shows to watch, shows with well-developed relationships and strong female characters, I chimed in immediately to suggest she might like to watch the BBC’s new adaptation of Poldark, an eight part … Continue reading

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A Guest Pandora’s Box: Thoughts on Justified

Earlier this year, I asked Twitter for suggestions for great TV. Many in the romance community suggested Justified.  This show, which just concluded its six series run, stars Timothy Olyphant as Raylan Givens, an old-school U.S. Marshal who returns to … Continue reading

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Wanted: Love and Death on the Small Screen

My husband and I just spent a riveted month watching Justified, the FX show starring Timothy Olyphant as a modern day U.S. Marshall in rural Tennessee. I am feverishly counting the hours until the fabulous Orphan Black starts its third season. … Continue reading

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