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A Guest Pandora’s Box: Thoughts on Justified

Earlier this year, I asked Twitter for suggestions for great TV. Many in the romance community suggested Justified.  This show, which just concluded its six series run, stars Timothy Olyphant as Raylan Givens, an old-school U.S. Marshal who returns to … Continue reading

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Wanted: Love and Death on the Small Screen

My husband and I just spent a riveted month watching Justified, the FX show starring Timothy Olyphant as a modern day U.S. Marshall in rural Tennessee. I am feverishly counting the hours until the fabulous Orphan Black starts its third season. … Continue reading

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Actually, I Prefer the Film

It’s rare I go to the movies. Rarer still I head for theater the day a film releases. And yet, that’s just what I did last week when David Fincher’s adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s best-seller Gone Girl was released. 

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Love on the Small Screen

The American Fall TV Season is getting back into swing and loyal viewers will soon be reconnecting with beloved characters from the small screen. While I have several shows being recorded on my DVR the one the whole family is … Continue reading

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Fairytales in Romance

First there were vampires, then zombies, and now fairy tale adaptions seem to be the new entertainment trend. The newest film adaptation of “Sleeping Beauty,” Maleficent, scored big at the box office and has added momentum to the fairy tale fad. … Continue reading

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No, I’m not shipping this romance

When I heard CBS was doing a modern day Sherlock Holmes set in New York, my response was pure, unmitigated outrage. Yes, I tried to be moderate and keep an open mind; yes, I understood that any resemblances to the … Continue reading

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Romances I Want to See on the Large or Small Screen

Recently we’ve seen a spate of books made into movies – Ender’s Game, Catching Fire and The Book Thief being three of the most recent. Which got me to thinking about romance novels I think would make excellent films or … Continue reading

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Sweet, Alien Love – A Superman Romance

Unless you’ve been on an extended vacation to the Planet Krypton, you’re probably aware that a new Superman movie is opening today. Man of Steel stars the dashing Henry Cavill as Superman/Clark Kent and everyone’s favorite girl-next-door Amy Adams as … Continue reading

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It’s Latin for Cop Out

NOTE: Given the nature of the topic, there are spoilers for various books and series throughout the text. The other day I happened to catch an episode of the TV show Monday Mornings in rerun, and one of the characters … Continue reading

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ABC’s Nashville: a contemporary romance on TV

If you like reading contemporary romance, I bet you’d enjoy watching Nashville. It’s got all the ingredients one often encounters in contemporary romance. There’s a strong woman torn between the love of her life and the man she left him for. … Continue reading

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