Speaking of Audiobooks: A BIG December Giveaway

Not Quite a HusbandWatching romance audio releases on a daily basis as I’m prone to do, I’m always a little amazed at the number of choices offered to today’s listener. Tantor Audio continues to play a large role in those offerings with a healthy number of monthly first-time-in-audio releases and a dedication to providing above-average listens. With the Holiday season upon us and 2014 winding down, I thought it the perfect time to take a look at some of Tantor’s recent and Coming Soon romance offerings. And then, we’re wrapping it all up in a big giveaway.

The Giveaway

We’re giving away five romance audiobooks to TWO winners courtesy of Tantor Audio. The winners will each choose five audiobooks (either as downloads directly from Tantor or MP3 CDs) from the fifteen (15) titles featured below. All titles are newer releases or Coming Soon. If the winner chooses a Coming Soon title, it will be available on or after the audio release date. Please note that all of these titles are now available as downloads as well as MP3 CDs – a recent change at Tantor. Continue reading

Speaking of Audiobooks: Older Romance Gems I Discovered through Listening

Kiss of the HighlanderWhen I started writing the Speaking of Audiobooks column in 2009, romance listening was still a rather new, if not unheard of, experience for the majority of romance fans. We may have heard of audiobooks, and even tried one, but romance? Possibly we had listened to an instructional audiobook or a children’s book when vacationing with the family but that was it.

Although I know there are huge numbers of yet-to-be-converted romance audio fans out there, audiobook listening is definitely on the rise. The selection, ease of access through downloads, and the affordability of today’s audiobooks brings in new audio listeners every day. Continue reading

Speaking of Audiobooks: The Dreaded Burnout, Latest Listens, and Upcoming Releases

Burnout – More than a Reading/Listening Slump

The Civil WarIf you have been reading one genre or another consistently for years, I imagine it has happened to you – genre burnout. After reading and listening to romance for around twelve years, it finally happened to me earlier this year. Previously, I had experienced a sort of reading fatigue from time to time with one romance sub-genre or another but found that if I changed up my romance choices, my interest would return. But when my romance burnout occurred this year, it was all encompassing. I completely lost interest in romance. Possibly it was due to the fact that I explore a good deal of audiobooks written by new-to-me authors or with new narrators, in an attempt to stay up with the current romance audio trends. That means a good deal of DNFs (did not finish) and frustration as well. Continue reading

Speaking of Audiobooks: Notable August Releases, MOBY, and STARZ Outlander

Heroes Are My WeaknessAugust is always a strong month for romance audiobook releases and this year is especially strong evidence of such. Here are just a few titles worthy of your attention in August.

Heroes Are My Weakness – Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Narrated by Erin Bennett

A lover of Susan Elizabeth Phillips’ books for at least a dozen years now, I always eagerly anticipate each of her new releases. I’m unfamiliar with Erin Bennett but she’s not new to narrating. At Audible, I found close to Continue reading

Speaking of Audiobooks: Downpour – an Alternative to Audible and a FIVE Credit Giveaway!

Downpour lgWhen audio enthusiasts look for downloadable audiobooks, they usually think of Audible first, unaware that there is now another game in town. Downpour.com, Blackstone Audio’s online audiobook retail site, offers not only competitive pricing but all the ease of downloads you’ll find at Audible. Downpour also offers two additional features that have significantly impacted my buying habits – DRM-free buying and lower pricing for purchasing those extra audiobooks beyond your monthly credits.

The DRM-free factor is big. How often have you been frustrated by your inability to loan your eBooks or downloaded audiobooks? That’s DRM at work. Here’s what Craig Black, founder of Blackstone Audio, has to say about DRM: Continue reading

Speaking of Audiobooks: JIAM, the Audies, and June Recommendations

Audie-LogoJune Is Audiobook Month (JIAM)! That’s not just a statement – it’s also the title of a month long event celebrating audiobooks sponsored by the Audio Publisher’s Association (APA). All month long you will find all sorts of special events and giveaways across the audiobook community. You can participate in some of the action by following two month-long blog hops.

First, the APA has scheduled 31 single audiobook giveaways throughout the month, each featuring one of the 31 Audie Awards winners (announced on May 29th). Bloggers are lined up to give away the winning audiobooks courtesy of the respective publisher. It promises to be a lot of fun and actually started this past Saturday at Audiobooker. Visit Audiobooker to enter for your chance to win the Audiobook of the Year, Billy Crystal’s Still Foolin’ ‘Em, and to discover the next stop (and giveaway) along the way or follow hashtags #audiomonth and/or #Audies2014 on Twitter and Facebook. Continue reading

Speaking of Audiobooks: A BIG May Multi-Audio Giveaway

It Happened One Wedding lgThe selection of exceptional romance audiobooks keeps improving and Spring of 2014 has proven that with old print favorites released as new audiobooks and much-loved authors simultaneously releasing their new books in print and audio format while a number of newer authors (especially New Adult) have become instant hits. This spring, Tantor Audio’s romance offerings have been some of the best ever with outstanding content and narration. We’re featuring a number of those titles today along with a Tantor giveaway.

The Giveaway

We’re giving away five romance audiobooks to one winner courtesy of Tantor Audio. The winner will choose five audiobooks (MP3 CDs) from the ten-plus titles featured below. All titles are either new releases or soon-to-be released. If the winner chooses future releases, those titles will be mailed separately after their release. Continue reading

Speaking of Audiobooks: For the Love of Older Titles in Audio Format

s Baby But MineAlthough I love seeing today’s top romance authors’ books released in audio format, it feels like an even bigger victory when I see the audio release of an older romance jewel with an excellent narrator to match their outstanding content. Today, we’re taking a look at books with an original print publication date prior to 2003 that are now successful audiobooks. The audio version may have been recorded 18 years ago or as recently as 2014. All were once favorites with romance readers and many are still readers’ favorites today as evidenced by their appearance on such lists as AAR’s Top 100. Continue reading

Speaking of Audiobooks: Romance Audio News March 2014

The Luckiest Lady in London 200Today we’re talking about a few promising coming soon or new release titles, taking a look at the audio side of AAR’s recent Annual Poll, sharing the Audie Award Finalists in Romance (complete with an opinion), and providing you with a list of all audiobook reviews at AAR since we started publishing audio reviews separately from Speaking of Audiobooks. There’s a lot going on!

New and Coming Soon Titles 

Sherry Thomas

The Luckiest Lady in London, the winner of AAR’s Best Romance of 2013 Continue reading