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Edge of Obsession: The DIK of the Week

I follow Jill Sorenson on Twitter and, a few days ago, this Tweet popped up in her feed.     I clicked on the Goodreads link and began reading her review. When I got to the statement “this is the hottest book I’ve … Continue reading

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The Best of 2015: Melanie’s List

To be honest, my reading slacked off a lot in 2015. I usually read half again as much as I did this past year, a lot of which were forgettable at best, and absolute stinkers at worst. I didn’t have … Continue reading

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Mind your language! A Guest Post by KJ Charles

One of the joys, or not, of writing historical romance is the language choices it requires. Obviously, if you’re writing an Anglo-Saxon romance, you’re going to have to go for modern English. I mean, you don’t have to… ne bið … Continue reading

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Best Debut Romance Author of 2015 So Far Is……..

I’ll admit it; I tend to shy away from new authors. Give me a choice between a comfort read and an unknown quantity and I’ll almost always choose the comfort read. This is particularly stupid when I look at the … Continue reading

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TBR Challenge: Books With Buzz

This is my second year taking part in Super Wendy’s Multi-Blog TBR Challenge, and even though I don’t read the various romance sub-genres widely, I’ve nonetheless managed to find something in my TBR pile to fit the prompts each month. … Continue reading

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31 Awesome Queer Romances You Should Read

I owe Alexis Hall a huge favor. I thought it would be lovley if we ended our Queer Romance Month Friday series with a list of LGBTQ+ books everyone should read. I also had this thought this past Tuesday night. I then asked Alexis if he … Continue reading

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Why You Can’t Set a Wax Play Scene on Shabbos

And other things I learned while writing a BDSM erotic romance set in an Orthodox Jewish Community A Guest Post by Tamsen Parker (Ms. Parker is giving away a signed copy of Craving Flight. To be entered in a drawing … Continue reading

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Edward is Edythe and Bella is Beau: Discuss

On Tuesday, in honor of the 10th anniversary of Twilight, author Stephenie Meyer released a version of the book with 400 pages of new content. Twilight Reimagined: Life and Death tells the story of Edythe and Beau. Yes, you read … Continue reading

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Julie Anne Long on Lyon and Olivia and coming to an end in Pennyroyal Green

After finishing The Legend of Lyon Redmond, I cried. I’ve read all the Pennyroyal Green books several times. What I Did for a Duke garnered the first A grade I gave a romance here at AAR. (It, along with I … Continue reading

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Luck Be A Lady: A Pandora’s Box

Welcome to our Pandora’s Box on Meredith Duran’s Luck Be a Lady.  They call her the “Ice Queen.” Catherine Everleigh is London’s loveliest heiress, but a bitter lesson in heartbreak has taught her to keep to herself. All she wants … Continue reading

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