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Grown-Up Reading: Why Romance and Happy Endings Matter

I heard George RR Martin on the radio the other day. Asked about the Game of Thrones body count he said something like (this is a paraphrase): “I used to read stories that had happy endings, where people did good … Continue reading

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Read Anything Interesting Lately?

Ever had one of those frustrating weeks where you just don’t get to curl up with a book as much as you’d like to? Yeah, me too. My day job pretty well ate my life last week and had me … Continue reading

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Who Are You? And Who Needs to Know?

Everything I’ve ever written or posted at AAR has been under my own name. My real one. Since I’ve been doing this for well over a decade and have an unusual name, I figure I am about the easiest person … Continue reading

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Breaking Romance Ranks

It’s impossibly hot here in D.C. today and writing a cogent opinion is beyond me, I’m sorry to say. The best I can do is come up with a few things that I’ve been thinking about lately. But first I … Continue reading

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My Personal Rita Reading Challenge

I have a long-term relationship with the Ritas. I had no friends who read romances (or at least admitted that they did) when I began reading romances in the 1990s. So soon after I finished Jayne Ann Krentz/Amanda Quick’s complete … Continue reading

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When “I Can’t” Becomes “No One Should”

I hate Jersey Shore. I saw it just one time, when my daughter was watching the first episode and I happened to be in the room. I found the people horrifying, and the very idea that I was watching them … Continue reading

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How Are We Doing?

Recently Lynda X started a thread on the Potpourri board asking people what they loved about AAR.  While we are appreciative of the sentiment and couldn’t be happier that AAR feels like home to some of you, I’d like to … Continue reading

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It’s Time to Revamp our Sensuality Ratings

AAR’s sensuality ratings have come under discussion lately due to the changing nature of the romance industry in general. With the recent proliferation of racier novels, what was once declared Hot may now be considered barely Warm by our readers. The language used … Continue reading

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You Can’t Review Your Friends. You Just Can’t.

Okay, so maybe it’s just me who can’t, but I really don’t think so. It’s hard to remember these days, but the respect and credibility we now take for granted for this online thing we do didn’t come without a … Continue reading

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The People We Hate to Love

During my life I’ve been a critic and/or a reviewer of books, movies, theatre, live events, and art.  I’ve written a weekly book review column as well as a weekly art critic column. Everywhere I’ve worked and for everyone who … Continue reading

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