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Bloggers, Reviewers and Street Teams?

The idea of the street team isn’t brand new; it’s been around the music industry for a while now and it started crossing over into romance at least 5-6 years ago. However, as self-publishing has grown and as ebooks have … Continue reading

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Change Is Coming to AAR

You heard it here first, folks:  AAR is about to undergo a facelift. Okay, more of a full facelift for the home page and discrete shots of botox and restalyne for the rest of the site. Confusing, yes?  You won’t … Continue reading

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Yes, We Sell Advertising

And we have since the early days of the site. It costs a lot of money to run AAR.  First, there are the physical costs to get – and keep – AAR online.  We’re hosted by a reliable company who … Continue reading

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Can One Really Condense a Full-length Novel into a Book Trailer?

Whenever I’m looking forward to a book release, I always monitor the message boards very carefully for any information—interviews with the authors, excerpts, reviews, etc. Lately, it’s been Smooth Talking Stranger, Lisa Kleypas’s upcoming contemporary romance, that’s been the focus … Continue reading

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