Bloggers, Reviewers and Street Teams?

getwordout The idea of the street team isn’t brand new; it’s been around the music industry for a while now and it started crossing over into romance at least 5-6 years ago. However, as self-publishing has grown and as ebooks have opened up a whole new world for indie publishers, these seem to be popping up more and more. At RWA this past year, we heard “street teams” mentioned in every other workshop, it seemed. Authors discussed them, and publishers highlighted them as an important part of the marketing process. The idea of authors branding themselves was everywhere and street teams definitely constituted a significant portion of that.

It seemed like everyone wanted to get book bloggers on board with the idea of street teams and certainly the promise of exclusive info and fun freebies has its allure, but what exactly does it mean to join a street team? Continue reading

Change Is Coming to AAR

balloonsYou heard it here first, folks:  AAR is about to undergo a facelift.

Okay, more of a full facelift for the home page and discrete shots of botox and restalyne for the rest of the site.

Confusing, yes?  You won’t be on Monday, June 21st when our new design debuts.

We’ve worked hard with some super talented people to put together a new home page that better reflects the way people use the Web today. It’s clean and uncluttered and modern and we think it’s a winner.  As for the rest of the site, the basic layout will remain the same (coding issues – don’t ask), but there will be a new masthead and background throughout the site.  Yes, folks, it’s true.  The hammock is saying buh-bye.

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Yes, We Sell Advertising

953445086_24734194cf_oAnd we have since the early days of the site.

It costs a lot of money to run AAR.  First, there are the physical costs to get – and keep – AAR online.  We’re hosted by a reliable company who provides great service, but it isn’t free as many blog platforms are.  And it isn’t cheap either.

Then there were additional costs to move AAR’s message boards onto our own server, a step we felt was necessary for multiple reasons.  First, we were getting crappy service.  Second, the boards went down capriciously.  And, third, we knew in today’s competitive environment that it was important to bring message board traffic onto our own server so AAR’s traffic rankings would reflect our true numbers.

Which they do.  And we’ve seen a healthy boost in our Alexa ranking to prove it.

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Can One Really Condense a Full-length Novel into a Book Trailer?

Whenever I’m looking forward to a book release, I always monitor the message boards very carefully for any information—interviews with the authors, excerpts, reviews, etc. Lately, it’s been Smooth Talking Stranger, Lisa Kleypas’s upcoming contemporary romance, that’s been the focus of my search. I was quite excited when I saw someone had posted a link on the message boards. However, once I clicked on the link, I cringed—it was a book trailer.

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