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Whyborne & Griffin by Jordan L. Hawk – A Series Overview

Sci-fi as written by Anthony Trollope? The Palliser novels as imagined by Ray Bradbury? Well, the only easy generalization about Jordan L. Hawk’s remarkable Whyborne & Griffin series is that Widdershins holds onto its own. For her epic paranormal romance … Continue reading

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Writing Across Cultures: Right or Wrong?

Earlier this month I was chided on Twitter for saying this: I’m 70% through A Bollywood Bride by @Sonali_Dev. I now feel bereft that I’ve never been to an Indian wedding. Or worn a sari. The chider is a woman and … Continue reading

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Searching for the Past in Present Day London

My imagination is a fickle thing. You would think that, as a voracious reader, it would be well developed and up to the task of imagining character’s faces, clothing, and homes. Sadly, no matter that I’ve spent most of my … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Settings Junkie

I feel like I have been waiting on Connie Brockway’s The Songbird’s Seduction forever even though the truth is I have only had it on order since early June. I’m not typically a fan of Ms. Brockway’s but my keen desire for … Continue reading

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World War II Romance – Can This Be a Thing?

I’m in the middle of a World War II romance right now that I’m reading for review. It’s okay, but not anything to write home about. I’ve been seeing more WWII stories come across my desk, but few are mainstream … Continue reading

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Contemporary Big City Romances – A Little More Help, Please?

The Special Title Lists are one of the more popular features at AAR. They’re also one of the more interactive. Nearly a year ago, as a result of reader requests, we once again began updating the Special Title lists. Since … Continue reading

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Bring Them Back!

There have been a couple of posts – one of them here at AAR, a later one at Dear Author – in the last couple of weeks that have talked about the decline in both the quality and availability of … Continue reading

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In Search of the Big Romantic Saga

I missed a lot of the old school historical romances the first time around, but starting in college, I began to discover them in used bookstores. There are definitely some aspects of Ye Olde Romance that are best forgotten (such … Continue reading

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Starting to Explore Australian Romance

I have read several comments by different overseas authors that U.S. publishers advise them that they must sanitize their books to remove language and settings that make them uniquely different. Just recently, Sarah Mayberry in her interview here stated “Australian … Continue reading

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Are you Ready for Vietnam-era Romance?

Nearly three years ago Lynn asked, “Is the 20th Century “Historical” Enough Yet?” I’ve written here about my love of Post-World War I and World War II era mysteries and have indicated I would like to read more romances set … Continue reading

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