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Remembering Jo Beverley

We were saddened to hear about historical romance author Jo Beverley’s death yesterday. (You can read about her and her passing at the Word Wenches blog.) Ms. Beverley was a giant in her field. She wrote over 40 historical romances … Continue reading

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Alexis Hall interviews K.J. Charles (and a giveaway)

KJ Charles’s three Society of Gentlemen Regency romances were all rated Desert Isle Keepers by All About Romance. A Seditious Affair, which was awarded a coveted A+, was voted tied first for Best LGBTQ+ Romance in the All About Romance … Continue reading

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A Guest Post & Giveaway from Stella Riley

Still tied to his desk in the Intelligence Office, Colonel Eden Maxwell has become increasingly disenchanted with both Oliver Cromwell and his own daily existence; and with the advent of new Royalist conspiracies, he despairs of ever getting away. Then … Continue reading

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Dee Ernst on Writing, Getting Older, and Lessons Learned (and a giveaway!)

I began writing when I was in my forties, and I began for one important reason — I couldn’t find any books that I really enjoyed reading. I was a grown-up woman in a happy marriage, with kids and friends … Continue reading

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A Guest Post and Giveaway from M.L. Buchman

The Three Components a Firehawks Book Must Have When I first conceived the Firehawks series, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I never do at the beginning of a book. That’s actually a joke on the writer. … Continue reading

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And the most reviewed authors at AAR are….

One of the features I love most about AAR is the extensive, easily searchable review database. There are literally thousands of romance reviews at my fingertips and anytime I need a book recommendation, that’s where I turn. If you’re new … Continue reading

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A guest post (and a giveaway) from Jodi Thomas

When I begin working on a new story I always do something I call “walking the land.”  I take a few weeks, or sometimes a few months and wander through museums, bookstores, old houses, cemeteries and the stories begin.  Since … Continue reading

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An interview with Eva Leigh

Eva Leigh’s Temptations of a Wallflower brings to a close her Wicked Quills of London trilogy, which features heroines who write for a living – a newspaper editor, a playwright and, finally, the author of a number of popular erotic … Continue reading

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An Interview (and a giveaway) with Caroline Linden

Dabney: I’m determined to keep this interview spoiler free. So, no mentioning who it is who writes the 50 Ways to Sin stories! But can I ask, did you know who the author was from the beginning of the series? Caroline: Thank you … Continue reading

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Lessons of Politics, Lessons of Love: A Guest Piece (and a Giveaway) from Roan Parrish

Colin Mulligan cares (a little too much) what his father thinks. He cares about cars. He cares about football. But when Out of Nowhere begins, he doesn’t really care about anyone or anything else. He’s detached, uncommitted, uninvested. His life … Continue reading

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