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I first discovered Sherlock Holmes when I was in the 8th grade, and a friend gave me a copy of The Hound of the Baskervilles. I stayed up late reading it, completely scared myself, but was hooked.

In college, when my roommate and I were particularly stressed — and wanted to avoid work — we’d pull out copies of her complete works of Sherlock Holmes and do a Sherlock Holmes marathon.

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What’s on Your DVR? Or TiVo? Or…..


Just like comfort reads, I have comfort shows. When I’m sick, exhausted, or in a generally grumpy mood, there are certain shows I like to watch, again and again; they offer comfort, and sometimes actually help me feel better.

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Bones: How Did I Miss This?


Well over a year ago I read a post by Jane here about Bones. I’ll admit I thought the show sounded interesting, but I just wasn’t ready to commit to another TV show, especially one that had been on for quite a few years. I should also admit to another reason for passing on the series. As a big mystery reader, I’d tried Kathy Reichs’ series years earlier, but just couldn’t get into it. Even though lots of people commented on Jane’s post that the TV series and mystery series were quite different, I just wasn’t convinced. So, I decided to pass on it, and really didn’t give it another thought.

Then, one night this week, too exhausted to do much of anything, I engaged in a bit of channel surfing. Suddenly, there was Bones; and it was fascinating. I enjoyed the plot of the episode I watched, and was completely engaged by the characters, and especially, Booth and Brennan. Continue reading

Reality TV Update

As the fall TV season approaches, I’m looking forward to the start of my two favorite fall reality shows, Survivor and The Amazing Race. While I’ve watched Dancing With the Stars most seasons, I’m less than enthused about the cast announced for the upcoming season. I’ll give DWTS a try this fall, but unless there are some big surprises, I may not be watching too much.

However, until the fall season begins, I have some end-of-summer reality shows to watch. Among my favorites are Project Runway, Top Chef, and Chopped.

Project Runway

I’m just not feeling the love for most of the designers this season.No one is jumping out at me for the brilliance of their designs. Admittedly, there are some real “characters” on the show this season, from Casanova (the guy who vacillates between “she’s almost naked or she looks like she”s 70 years old,” to quote Nina Garcia) to Michael C (who the other designers hate but the judges appear to love) to Gretchen (bossy, overconfident) to Ivy (the bitch-edit of the season) to….okay, you get the idea. Lots of different personalities, but so far, little brilliance in design. I liked Peach as a person, but she designed some awful clothes, and didn’t want her to win. And I don’t believe I’ve ever disagreed with the judges more. It seems as if half of the season they’ve picked as the winner a design I would have placed in the bottom three. At this point I’m too addicted to quit watching, but I pretty much don’t care who wins. Continue reading

Horrible Histories


Thanks to a friend, I’m now hooked on Horrible Histories clips at You Tube. And it’s happy I am for that addiction. I had seen some of the original Horrible Histories books in England. They’re fun, they’re informative, and sometimes they’re a bit gross (and what kid doesn’t like that?). Or as their website says, It’s “history with the nasty bits left in.”  But I had no idea, until my friend pointed it out, that there was a show on CBBC and BBC One bringing parts of these books to life.

I’ve managed to watch clips featuring the Savage Stone Age, Awful Egyptians (The Mummy Song was informative, but definitely gross), Smashing Saxons, Rotten Romans, and Gorgeous Georgians (loved the King Georges singing Born to Rule), to name a few. But my favorites are probably the Terrible Tudors.

Oh, to have this show available in the U.S. This is just so much fun.

Have you caught any of these clips? If so, what are some of your favorites?


World Cup Novice

USAThis is a completely gratuitous post and I’m slightly embarrassed to even post it.  Slightly.  At least not enough to keep me from posting. 

Until the United States v. England soccer match I had never before watched an entire professional soccer game.    However, when my husband sat down to watch that game, I decided to spend a little time with him and watch it too and I have to admit I’m certainly glad I did.  I’m hooked.  Matter of fact, yesterday I watched bits and pieces of three games and today I plan to watch at least two.  Continue reading

Season Finales


This past week brought the season finales of two of my favorite — and very different — shows, Glee and Top Chef Masters. About half-way through the finale of Glee, I was beginning to feel some disappointment. I so wanted the show to go out on a high note for the summer.

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The World Cup starts tomorrow!

wmAnd I can’t wait! I am actually not planning to watch every single match, but I will watch lots and lots of them. While I follow the German Bundesliga, the first league, with great enthusiasm every year, the World Cup is something else still. For one thing, it’s super-exciting to watch all (or almost all of) the best players of a generation, for another I thoroughly enjoy the peculiar brand of patriotism – one unabashedly supports one’s favorite team, but all in a sense of great fun – that comes with each World Cup. Continue reading

Drop Dead Diva


How did I miss this one? Somehow, Lifetime’s summer series Drop Dead Diva wasn’t just under my radar, it was completely outside of my radar. Then, a friend happened to mention that she was doing a “Drop Dead Diva-thon” over the Memorial Day weekend. I wanted to say, “what’s that?” but instead did a quick web search and then turned on Lifetime to check it out. Four hours later, I was hooked. Continue reading