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Criminal Minds

Two summers ago, it was Bones.  This summer, it’s Criminal Minds.  It seems that when school is out and I have the novel experience of work but no homework, I tend to binge on syndicated crime dramas.  Criminal Minds, like Bones, has been around for a while (5 or 6 years) which means there’s a pretty extensive list of old episodes that run in marathons.

What I like about Criminal Minds is that it’s very psychological.  Rather than look at a crime after the fact, it focuses on crimes of a serial nature; the team profiles the criminal and uses that information to predict their next move and get ahead of them.  Of course, given that the crimes on this show are frequently repeat crimes, often committed by people with serious issues, they tend to be the more terrifying ones: child abduction, pedophilia, serial killing, rape/murder.  It is sometimes really disturbing, but it still fascinating and compelling.

As I’m new to the series, I’m still placing myself in the time line of the series. My favorite characters are Morgan and Garcia (I love their banter and flirting), and I have a soft spot for Dr. Reid too.  Do you watch this show?  What do you think?



Glee’s season 2 is coming to an end tonight.  Will they win Nationals? I honestly don’t know.  They lost last year in the Season finale, so it’s not a shoo-in for national dominance. They’ll be singing original songs again, including the one above.  Apparently Charice, the singer who played Sunshine Corazon in two episodes (the girl Rachel sent to a crack house), will be back.

After last week’s episode (during which I cried, by the way — in Starbucks, where I watched it online. Awk.) I’m interested in how Sue will figure into it.  I hope they don’t just backtrack and revert to her sabotaging them.  It’s been funny, but it’s been 2 seasons– let’s see something new.

What did you think about this season? What are your predictions for tonight’s episode?

Season Finales


What a week for season finales! This week I stayed up  later than normal catching series finales. I usually just record the shows that start at 10pm, but this week, I felt compelled to catch them in real time.

The week started on Sunday with the finale and reunion show of Survivor. And yes, after four attempts, Boston Rob has finally won. I didn’t hate his winning as much as I thought I would, but really, please do not bring back Russell again. Most of my friends have long since given up on Survivor, but I’m still watching. However, I found this Russell vs. Rob battle to be one of my least favorite seasons. Continue reading

Did They or Didn’t They?


For those of you who are current with this season of Bones, you know what I’m asking.  After last week’s episode (RIP Vincent Nigel-Murray) things are a bit ambiguous as to the current state of Booth and Bones’s relationship.  Yes, they spent a night in bed together– but was it platonic?   Tonight is the season finale; hopefully the question will be answered.

What do you expect from tonight’s finale? Will Booth and Bones finally become “official?” Will Hodgins’ and Angela’s baby be a boy or girl? Will it be blind? What will we have “never saw coming?”

An Internet-less Life

It’s been almost a week since I lost wireless in my apartment.  The contract was in my roommate’s name, and she has moved out and taken the internet with her.  It’s only until the end of May, when I’ll be moving out, but for the next three weeks I have no TV, no internet, and no roommates.

I’ve noticed a few things.  One, I’ve been sleeping and reading even more than usual.  There’s not a whole lot else to do.  Two, the things that I need to do, but don’t want to, still aren’t necessarily getting done.  The fact is, I have little motivation to take out the recycling, or organize the kitchen.  Even without the distractions of facebook or mindless TV, it still isn’t happening.  Three, with limited time on the internet when I’m visiting friends or at the library (as I am now), I do a lot less of the time-wasting browsing- no PerezHilton.com, no yahoo headlines, less Twitter.  I feel less informed, but at the same time I recognize that most of the things I learned by reading random articles was fairly useless.

What do you do when you don’t have the internet? Do you notice your habits changing?

The Show Tunes Soundtrack of My Early Years

[viddler id=a27f096d&w=437&h=370]

(above) Kristin Chenoweth singing Home from The Wiz on Glee

Yesterday I put together a playlist of my favorite Broadway songs. I couldn’t believe how many there were. I know the lyrics and tune of every song. As I keep telling everyone I meet, I’ll be fifty this weekend. When I think about the first half century of my life, three things define me: family, books, and music. My family—both of birth and the one my husband and I have created—all wish fervently I didn’t have quite such a deep love for bad 70’s songs and for that oft derided genre: the musical. Continue reading

Body of Proof

body-of-proofI’m hooked! It’s only been on for a few weeks, and I’ve already set up a series recording for ABC’s new drama Body of Proof. Well, if I’m perfectly honestly, I’ll admit that after watching about 15 minutes of the first episode I was hooked, and set up the series recording while still viewing the show.

The show features Dana Delany as Megan Hunt, medical examiner, and former neurosurgeon. Her devotion to her career as a neurosurgeon ended her marriage and left her husband with custody of their daughter. Soon after, an auto accident left her with permanent damage and ended her career.

Continue reading

The Early TV Cooking Stars

sarahmoultonI recently re-watched Julie and Julia, and it’s got me thinking fondly of the old days of television cooking shows. Before the Food Network and the Cooking Channel existed, the main venue for cooking shows on TV was PBS. I adored Julia Child, but was also captivated by a number of the early TV cooking stars.

One of my first favorites was Justin Wilson. I used to have a Justin Wilson cookbook and would make a number of his dishes. In some move that cookbook was lost. Lately I’ve been thinking about a few of my favorites, including a spicy broccoli salad I used to make. I think it’s time to start searching for a used version.

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