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English gardens

Hidcote Manor

Hidcote Manor

Seven years ago, I suggested to my mother I would take her on a trip to England to visit some of the famous gardens. With one thing and another, we never got round to it. Until recently, when my father reminded us of it (partly because he wants to go on a bird-watching trip to Southern Spain with my brother and had a slightly bad conscience towards my mother). I went to the travel agent’s yesterday and came home with information about three different trips we might take. Each is a bus tour, and would take us to quite different parts of the country. I have already been to several of the places scheduled in each case, albeit not with the garden focus, and I definitely don’t mind going back! Continue reading

The Casa Rocca Piccola

casaDuring a recent visit to Malta, I visited the Casa Rocca Piccola in Valletta. It’s a sixteenth-century palace privately owned by the family of the Marquis de Piro, who still live there and have turned the public rooms into a museum. You can only visit it with a guided tour, but as our guide was the marquis himself, and the tour was both charming and fascinating, I for one didn’t mind! Continue reading

Visiting the Oktoberfest

wiesnAlthough we live more than 200 miles from Munich, we are Bavarians, so this year, we did what all Bavarians (in my husband’s opinion it’s an act of patriotic duty) should do: we visited the Oktoberfest. In order to avoid the sad crush of the weekends, we scheduled our work so we had an afternoon off, jumped on the train, and off we were. Continue reading

If I had $20,000 …

Blue IcebergsI would go to Antarctica.  It looks so COOL.  (Absolutely no pun intended.  I swear.)

Why $20,000, you ask?  Because $10,000 isn’t enough to go to Antarctica the way I want to.  There’s no such thing as budget option, might as well go the whole hog.  So I made it $20,000, which includes a few days either way in Chile and Tierra del Fuego, plus the ship’s lodgings and the tours and kayaking, and the plane ticket.  Fun for the whole family.

What would you do with $20,000?

– Jean AAR

When the Drive is Funner Than the Destination

Ruahine RangeThe first week of school holidays was entirely devoted to sleeping and reading, in that order.  But the second week I got my hair cut, went to the National Army Museum, looked at my calendar, and realized I hadn’t ventured beyond 30 km of town and holidays were almost over.  So I packed a bag and drove across the North Island to Napier. Continue reading