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Rediscovering Peter Gabriel

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

YouTube Preview ImageRecently I had occasion to go through my old CDs, and zoomed in on my Peter Gabriel CDs. I used to listen to him a lot almost 20 years ago. (more…)

Don’t You Forget About Me

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

YouTube Preview ImageThis is a song that has accompanying me for the last 25 years or so. I loved it when it came out and taped it with my cassette recorder (remember those?) Later I bought the record. At one point I saw The Breakfast Club. Much, much later I took care the song was played at my wedding party.

With this song, I don’t much regard the lyrics (unusual for me) but concentrate on the determined, upbeat music. This is a song I hum when I am about to engage on something challenging, something I face with power and determination.

Are there songs that have accompanied you for a long time?

- Rike Horstmann

Exercising to the Oldies

Saturday, November 26th, 2011
YouTube Preview Image

I recently discovered how fun it is to listen to audio books while walking, but to be honest, if I want to ramp it up faster than a walk I have to have music.  Over the years I have spent hundreds of hours searching for the right songs.  It can’t just be any song.  I have to like it and it has to have the right tempo. I can’t tell you how many songs I loaded into my playlist only to find that certain parts dragged me down. There is all sorts of scientific evidence to support using music and you can read more about it in this article.  But it boils down to finding music that has the right beats per minute (BPM) for my pace. (more…)

Earworm of the day: Someone Like You by Adele

Saturday, November 12th, 2011

YouTube Preview ImageI heard this song on the radio during a recent train journey and was impressed enough to note down the singer (whose name the presenter mentioned, thankfully). I looked it up (thank you, YouTube!) and like it more and more. (more…)

Singers that others love but you can’t stand

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

YouTube Preview ImageSometimes, when there’s a certain voice on the radio, those around you get all misty-eyed, or begin to tap their feet, but the one reaction that same voice triggers in you is either leave the room, or switch off the radio.

For me, Björk is such a singer. I don’t mind her as an artist or public personality, I just can’t stand her singing. My only thought, whenever my husband listens to the one Björk CD that he owns (thankfully, no more than that) is:  Can someone please stop this caterwauling NOW?

Are there singers whose voices/performance you dislike so intensely that you find it painful to listen to them?

- Rike Horstmann

Thank you for the music, R.E.M.

Monday, October 10th, 2011

YouTube Preview ImageI am sad to hear that R.E.M. have dissolved. I like their music a lot, and think it’s a great pity there won’t by any more by the band in this constellation.

The first earworm they gave what Losing My Religion – no wonder, after all it was their big breakthrough hit. It took me ages to identify, however. I heard snatches of it on the radio again and again, but each time missed the announcement of title and artist(s). One day it was played while I was in a boutique. I went up to the salesperson and asked if she know this song. Fortunately she did, and so I was finally able to buy the CD, the first of several by this band.

What is is your favorite R.E.M. CD or song?

- Rike Horstmann

Youkali by Kurt Weill

Monday, September 12th, 2011

YouTube Preview ImageKurt Weill is probably my favorite composer ever. And while I like tons of his songs, today’s earworm is Youkali. It’s in French, so I can’t even tell what it’s about. I just think the music magical.

- Rike Horstmann

Hunting High and Low

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

YouTube Preview Image… is my earworm of the day. I am feeling a certain restlessness at the moment, and the song captures this emotion just perfectly. In addition, I love the old A-ha songs. (They remind me of my youth!)

- Rike Horstmann

Holding Out for a Hero

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

YouTube Preview Image… is my earworm of the day. I recently discovered that Jim Steinman is the composer not only of several great Meat Loaf songs, but also of Bonnie Tyler’s Holding Out for a Hero and Celine Dion’s It’s All Coming Back to Me Now, both of which I like immensely. (more…)

The Show Tunes Soundtrack of My Early Years

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011
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(above) Kristin Chenoweth singing Home from The Wiz on Glee

Yesterday I put together a playlist of my favorite Broadway songs. I couldn’t believe how many there were. I know the lyrics and tune of every song. As I keep telling everyone I meet, I’ll be fifty this weekend. When I think about the first half century of my life, three things define me: family, books, and music. My family—both of birth and the one my husband and I have created—all wish fervently I didn’t have quite such a deep love for bad 70’s songs and for that oft derided genre: the musical. (more…)