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Wasted Weekend

sick pictureBeing sick stinks, especially when it’s your kids and when it ruins your weekend.  On Thursday, my youngest came home from school sick with a stomach virus.  From that point on, it has been shared by every member of my family except my husband.  Today, my oldest is home sick and I’m still recovering and missing another day of work.

Instead of doing what we’d planned for the weekend(visiting family, playing, and heading down to Destin, Florida for the day), we ended up stuck at home, inside, laying in bed, and not feeling like doing a great deal of anything.  The boys and I have survived on popsicles, Gatorade, and Sprite.   I can’t even get the little guys to do chicken soup.  I can’t wait for a grilled cheese sandwich, a cup of coffee, and the ability to move without getting dizzy and sweating.  Also, I want my little boys to act like little boys again – loud and boisterous.

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Life on a Diet

180px-Feet_on_scaleI’m on a diet and I don’t like it.  I always gain weight in the summer as I’m not working and at home with the boys all day.  However, this year I managed to outgrow my school/work clothes, or at least they’re indecently tight. 

Unfortunately, this is a normal trend for me.  I gain in the summer, spend August, September, and October losing the weigh, eat everything in sight in November and December,  and then diet and attempt to maintain in the Winter and Spring.  While I enjoy exercising (I really do!), I also like to eat, which means it’s a never ending battle.  Continue reading

Beware of Hospitals After Dark

call-lightI’m sure you’ve heard the jokes about how they wake you up all night long in hospitals, and then ask you how you’re doing. Last month, thanks to a series of rather odd events, I got to experience the joys of several nights in a hospital. I discovered that indeed, strange things do happen in hospitals after dark.

I’ve concluded there’s nothing one can do to stop the staff from waking you up at night, and believe me, I tried. But, there are some things you can do — should you have the misfortune to stay overnight in a hospital — that will definitely make your stay more pleasant. Continue reading