Earworms: The Kids Film Version


Long story short, I have kids and have spent many years going to children’s movies (and then watching the DVDs – repeatedly). These are not the kid movies my parents took me to. They are not just smarter and more clever – they have much better music. Or at least, they have music I like to listen to. My latest earworm has been The Travelling Song from the film Madagascar 2. Sung by the extremely talented Will.i.am it has haunted me for the past several days.


I love Something That I Want from Tangled sung by Grace Potter. And if those really are the people who made the film in that video than that is truly awesome!

What about you? Do you like any of the music you hear in kids films? Any earworms this week?

– Maggie AAR

2 thoughts on “Earworms: The Kids Film Version

  1. Leigh

    I really like Something That I Want. I have never been a Madagascar fan. Since I work around kids I have probably seen parts of Happy Feet and Cars a 100 times or more. Life is a Highway always gets me to sing alone and as do many of the other songs.

    In Happy Feet – it is the Stevie Wonder song Tell Me Something Good or Somebody to Love by Freddie Mecury.

    Of course most kids movies have excellent songs. Just think of Nemo and Dorie – singing Just Keep Swimming.

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