Better Late Than Never

There are very few television shows that I watch while they’re new.  The Office is pretty much the only one.  This is mostly because I’ve had terrible luck with television shows; I’d say five of the last seven shows I’ve watched with any regularity were canceled mid-season or on a cliff-hanger.  Instead, I’ve taken to watching re-runs.  First it was Friends, then CSI.  After that came Sex and the City.  And now, it’s Bones.

I came home from work about a week ago to find my roommate on the couch, engrossed in Bones.  She had never seen it before, and neither had I, but we quickly discovered that it’s on every day from 6-8 on TNT — perfect timing for post-work relaxation and dinner.   The crimes and anthropological aspects of the plot are interesting, but all I really care about is the sexual tension between Booth and Bones. 

I have no idea where I am in the overall run of the series, and I’m not even completely sure the episodes are running in order (though they seem to be, at least to a certain extent), so I don’t know if they actually get together anytime in the near future or not.  I thought about looking it up, but then I decided not to.  I’ll just wait until they finally figure out how much they want eachother and, ahem, jump each other’s bones.

There are certain similarities between Bones and my last crime-glom, CSI.  However, I feel far more connected to Bones’ and Booth’s and Cam’s and Angela’s and Jack’s and Zack’s stories than I did about any of the CSI: Las Vegas characters.  As character-driven as CSI is, I was never as concerned about Grissom and Sara’s love life as I am about Bones and Booth’s.

Part of it is the actors.  I really love David Boreanaz (of Buffy and Angel fame, though I’ve never seen either of those shows), and he’s the perfect compliment to Emily Deschanel (older sister of Zooey, which makes so much sense when you look at their faces).  They have really fantastic chemistry together, and their opposing personalities just makes me squirm– in a really good way.

I’m sure that none of this is new to any of you who enjoy the show — after all, it’s been running for what, three or four seasons now?  I don’t even know if it’s still on the air.  But I’m not all that concerned.  I’m just going with it.  I very much see Bones as being my summer fling of sorts.  Will I watch it this fall?  Probably not, seeing as I’ll be out of the country.  But I’m having a really good time with it for now.

-Jane AAR

26 thoughts on “Better Late Than Never

  1. Margaret

    Bones used to be my favourite show, right up until the end of season 3. I watched the 1st episode of season 4 to see if they could redeem themselves from the mess they made of season 3 and Zach. They didn’t and I stopped watching. Not sure where you came into the series so I don’t want to spoil it for you.

  2. Jane AAR Post author

    Oh no! I don’t know where I am either… Bones and Sulley just ended their relationship, that’s about all I know. Would you know which season I’m in?

  3. FD

    That makes you most of the way through season 2. Bones is my televisual crack – as I joke with an online friend who shares my addiction, Bones IS its own fanfiction. Complete with shipping and implausible plot twists and all. It’s pretty awesome.

    Incidentally the first two episodes of S4 are completely, utterly pants. They set them in the UK and I spent the whole time cringing.

  4. Katie Mack

    I LOVE Bones! It’s one of only 2 television shows I watch. I’ve watched it from the beginning, and love the characters and the interaction. Season 4 just ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, and Season 5 starts this fall.

    Margaret – I actually wasn’t too bothered by the end of S3. It was shocking, but once I got into S4 I was fine with it.

    FD – For the most part I thought the S4 premiere was fun, even if the plot was implausible. :) The episode that really threw me off was the finale of S4. I spent a good amount of time thinking, “Hunh?”

  5. delitealex

    I only watch a few shows on tv Bones, Greys anatomy and True Blood. Bones is my favorite I really didn’t like the whole zach thing either but I was glad they had him in a few more episodes. I usually begin to like a show and they cancel it.

  6. Nana

    If you like Bones, you could go try X-Files. Bones basically took that dynamic (gov’t agents, believer male, skeptical female, reeking sexual tension) and did it for forensics instead of aliens. Seasons 1-5 are great, seasons 6-7 had some great episodes, and, to borrow from FD above, seasons 8 and 9 were pants.

  7. Jane AAR Post author

    You know, my roommate said the exact same thing. She said it was basically like X-Files only without the aliens. I’m really not a sci-fi person at all, though, so I’m a bit hesitant to watch it, but maybe I’ll give it a try.

  8. Katie Mack

    The first two seasons of X-Files were especially good. Some of the best TV I’ve watched.

  9. Lynn Spencer

    Oh, Bones is such a great show! I had to separate it in my mind from the books since the show is NOTHING like the novels, but I do like the chemistry between Booth and Bones.

    I’m another one who’s late to the party on this one. The normal airtime on Fox isn’t very convenient for me, but I’ve been enjoying the reruns. I think I’ve seen most of the way through season 3. And now I’m wondering what horrible, shocking thing I’m going is going to happen at the end….

  10. mingqi

    i LOVE bones!!!! I had heard good things about it so i picked up season 1, watched season 4 when it came on tv, and when back to see season 2. I skipped season 3 because they screwed up big time in the last half of that season- i don’t appreciate it when shows do random things just to shock the audience and gain ratings. Season 4 picked up as if everything was normal again- which was a relief and a shock at the same time. I love the chemistry between Booth and Brennan- the sexual tension and the deep friendship. And I love their personalities-Booth being the people person Catholic and Brennan being the blunt atheist! Does anyone know of any romance novel that has a Booth-like hero paired with a Brennan-like heroine?

  11. Amy

    I loooooooooooove Bones and have been watching it since the 1st episode of 1st season way back in 2005. It’s a great show because here the female lead is fearless, practical and so matter-of-fact about her sexuality and so very intelligent! It perfectly matches the surprisingly emotional Booth! He’s the new alpha male, sensitive yet dominant, a little uptight but sooo sexy! I was disappointed with the season finale of this season but I’m keeping my faith in the series because so far it’s heading the right direction!

  12. anna cook

    Bones is my favorite show, I never miss it and if I’m not going to be home I always tape it. CSI NY is my second favorite show. I agree with you when you say they didn’t do right by Zack. He really didn’t murder anyone, he just told Gormagon the guy’s address. They really should figure out a way to bring him back. AND, I hope they don’t go the way all the other TV shows go and start a great romance then end it. They should have kept Jack and Angela together, I knew what was going to happen before it did, and I was really disappointed that the writers followed in the footsteps of other TV shows, AND that’s what scaring me about Booth and Brennan. I just know that the writers will mess it up and break them up after all this sexual tension that’s been going on between them, which, by the way is still going on between Jack and Angela. MY big hope is that “BONES” will continue to follow it’s own script and not fall into the same routine as other shows have. If it does, then it won’t be worth watching anymore.

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