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You Can Call Me Gorgeous!


I wrote briefly about Terms of Endearment but my article doesn’t have the depth of data that was discovered by MSN summarized the information discovered after interviewing 2,000 British individuals between 18 and 60. Only one in five call their significant other by his/her first name. That means that 80 percent use pet names. The short version of the article is many people don’t want you to call them Babe.

Here is a list of most disliked and liked names. Continue reading

On vacation in Southern Bavaria, part 1

12Sta116My husband and I spent this year’s summer vacation in the south of Bavaria, on the shores of the Starnberger See. It came as a bit of a surprise, as we had other holiday plans at first, but wasn’t it a marvellous place! I fell in love with the area immediately, and am now plotting how to acquire a retirement home there in the future … Just kidding. The housing prices there are about the highest in the whole of Germany. Continue reading