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All right, pick your side: Dog or cat?

cats-vs-dogs-1I’ve never owned a pet.  I wanted to when I was younger, but my mother said, “Sure, as long as you take care of it.” At which point I thought about it, and realized, no, I don’t really want to get a dog. So I tried fish, which didn’t work because the one snail we had (to eat the algae) turned into over 500 – I counted.

Then I went to New Zealand, where everyone I knew had an animal. Cats, dogs, horses, cows, sheep – okay, the latter weren’t pets (really), but in a rural farming community animals abound. And for a few months I lived in a household that had a cat named Cypher, and a dog named Dante. Continue reading

Sophie, Head of Home Security

IMG_0695After twenty-three years of marriage, four kids, four houses, two snakes, one albino hedgehog, one guinea pig and two feral cats, my husband and I have a dog. We had always sworn we’d never get a dog-for years four kids seemed like enough work. As our children aged, they begged and cajoled, promising that they’d do all the work. We would point out they appeared to have a hard time unloading the dishwasher promptly when asked. Then, as the kids aged, I began to ask my husband to change his mind. I believed they were old enough to be responsible and, even better, than the responsibility would be good for them. My husband was not convinced. Continue reading

The Care and Feeding of our Aging Pets

jasmine2_editedMy sweet kitty Princess has been with me for about 12 of her nearly 14 years, and until about a year ago, was very low maintenance. Each morning I would make certain her food dish was filled with dry cat food, and that her water bowl had fresh water, and she was set for the day.

Now she always liked and got lots of attention from me; petting, scratching, brushing, playing with string toys chief among them. And one must never forget the evening tour of our home with her carried high so she could sniff and look at all the things too difficult for her to normally see.

Continue reading

Opinion Poll: Facebook for Pets

My friend’s cat just friended me on Facebook.  I have mixed feelings about this.  He isn’t the first animal that has done this; I’m also facebook friends with assorted other cats and dogs.  This can be cute; the most recent cat is in a “domestic partnership” with my friend, speaks Meow, and has Fetch listed as his sport.  It can also be obnoxious, like when the animal comments on things or has obnoxious status updates (“I just peed all over mommy’s shoes, and she’s SOOO mad at me!!!!”).

So, what do you think?  Pets on facebook, or not?

– Jane AAR

Cats and the Strange Allure of Door Stops


First, a disclaimer. This is not my cat Princess. Princess is not a frisky little kitty, but an aging, but elegant, 13+ yr old. But at her advanced age, she’s currently acting just like this little kitty.

Until a few months ago, I’d never lived in a place that had door stops. To be honest, I didn’t even notice them when I first checked out my apartment. Looking down behind doors isn’t something I tend to do when scoping out a new home. But then, about a week ago, I became all too aware of the abundant number of door stops in my new home. And that’s because my Princess first made the discovery. She’s in love with (or hates?) the door stops in our home.

The door stops first came on my radar when a strange noise woke me up – over and over – in the middle of the night. I couldn’t’ figure out what it was, and eventually went back to sleep. Then, the next morning, as I was getting ready for work, I discovered exactly what it was, as I caught Princess brushing her head against the door stop in the bathroom repeatedly, hard enough so that it made a particularly annoying booiiing noise.

A quick scan of YouTube has made me aware that Princess is not alone in her fascination with door stops. Apparently cats all over the world have been brushing, batting, and attacking doorstops. But it doesn’t stop there. Dogs are also attacking these evil outcroppings.

Just what is it about doorstops?

Pet Choices

Labrador-Retriever-PuppiesWe have a new addition to our family – a little black lab named Millie.  I say she’s little, but she’s already reached 34 pounds at 3 1/2 months of age.  She’s precious and smart and loves to play. 

We waited a long time to add a new dog to the family.  Two years ago we lost our family pet, a chocolate lab named Chloe, and I couldn’t stand the idea of replacing her for a long time.  I’d had her since college when my husband, then boyfriend, gave her to me as a gift. We had to put the decision off a bit longer when we decided to move and needed to wait until we were settled before adding to the family.  In May, we were finally ready.  Continue reading

Adventures in Furminating

Princess on the bedFurminating, you ask? Well then you either don’t have a long-haired cat or a dog, or you haven’t been tipped off to this amazing device.

About a month ago, my lovely cat Princess and I moved to a new home. Despite being extremely careful about recording just what was in each box, and packing vital items on the very last day, I managed to lose a few dearly loved things, including some very special mugs that I use for tea, as well as the brush that I use for Princess. Continue reading

Because It’s Been Really Stressful Lately


I’m going to treat us all to one of my favorite cat videos.  And, since cruising for cute cats on YouTube is one of my favorite things to do when…er, I’m wasting time on the Internets, that is saying something.  Because, hey, the truth is that I am one major league, certified, and accredited Cat Video Expert.

I like this one because he is so intense and serious about his ride. Because, as those of us who love them know, cats aren’t exactly known for having a sharp sense of humor.  Or any sense of humor.  At all.

But, you’ve got to admit, it does look fun.

I have a Roomba.  I have a cat.  Plans are underway.

– Sandy AAR