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You Can Call Me Gorgeous!


I wrote briefly about Terms of Endearment but my article doesn’t have the depth of data that was discovered by MSN summarized the information discovered after interviewing 2,000 British individuals between 18 and 60. Only one in five call their significant other by his/her first name. That means that 80 percent use pet names. The short version of the article is many people don’t want you to call them Babe.

Here is a list of most disliked and liked names. Continue reading

Honest Trailer

Came across Honest Trailers yesterday on YouTube.  While I haven’t seen the movie, I did think it was funny.  What do you think? Is this an honest trailer?


– Leigh AAR

Looking for New Music

I have gotten out of the habit of listening to music. About the only time I do so is when I am exercising.  It is difficult for me to find artists that I like. I am not into country or rap and it seems that the music I like is from the 1990’s or early 2000’s – artist like Lisa Stansfield, Natalie Merchant, Tracy Chapman, Oleta Adams, Leona Lewis. So tonight I went searching for some music. And I did find some possibilities.

Marry A Stranger by Smile Smile


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Celebrity Endorsements


In case you haven’t heard Michael Phelps has possibly put his medals in jeopardy because an ad campaign he did for Louis Vuitton that was leaked early.

Quoting from this YARDBARKER article:

Phelps’ photos break a new IOC regulation called Rule 40, which prohibits athletes from appearing in ads for non-Olympic sponsors during the Games (July 18-Aug. 15). Louis Vuitton, for the record, was not an Olympic sponsor, thus potentially opening Phelps up to punishment. If the IOC determines that Phelps violated the rule, the sanctions could include fines and the stripping of medals, according to”

While I don’t begrudge Michael the fame, I sure hope that his quest for money hasn’t impacted his metals. It would be a shame to have done all that hard work and it be for nothing. Continue reading

Really (Not) – We Judge Women By Their Accomplishment!


Society’s standards for women was very much on display this week.  In case you missed it this article in the New York Times summarizes it all.

The first volley was by the New York Times criticizing Lolo Jones for using her looks, and sex appeal to get ahead.  The articles headlines says it all – For Lolo Jones, Everything is Image. This article was printed two days before her event.   And she came in fourth.   Today Lolo’s teammates – Dawn Harper, winner of the silver metal and Kellie Wells, winner of the Bronze stuck the knife in a little more in an interview on NBC Sports.

And you know I get why they are upset.  Lolo’s looks translated into sponsorship and money.  And you can’t say that she didn’t use her looks because she  did appear  nude on this cover and was in ribbons on this one, both which opened her up for censure.  Still she is no different than an actress appearing on the cover of Playboy but saying she wants to be taken seriously or a young girl using beauty pageants to launch her career.  She was only playing the game by our standards.  We are a society that values beauty.  But why negate all the years she has put into training and the sacrifices she has made? She made the team.

Then in about face Gabby Douglas was trashed for having nappy hair on Twitter. Quoting from the New York Times article here are couple of the tweets: “Gabby Douglas’s hair is ratch” and “Could Desiree Hooker (a star black volleyball player) please help Gabby Douglas with her hair?”.

This blew my mind. Gabby Douglas is the first American gymnast to win gold in the team and all-around competitions and she is the first African-American woman to win an Olympic gold medal in the individual all-around gymnastics competition. And people are commenting about her hair? Which by the way, I thought looked fine.

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