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Museum lights

Here are two facts about me: I like modern art, and I suffer from migraines. The day before yesterday, I visited the Städel Museum in Frankfurt, where there’s a huge new wing for modern art built underneath the garden, two stories below. The ceiling is huge, and there are glassy domes in it which you can see from the outside, too. At first you think that they are used to let in some daylight, but once inside, you realise that they are some sort of neon lamps. And the light they emit is utterly weird. Continue reading

Blue skies

003 (2)This used to be sky above Germany, for about the last six weeks or so. Grey, grey, grey. Lots of rain. People undigging woolly sweaters from their wardrobes and wearing them when it got just too cold for cotton. I’m not kidding!

It’s only since last Sunday that the skies have cleared up and it’s nice and sunny. I can’t tell you how much I’d been missing the sunshine!

It’s probably human nature to long for what we don’t have right now: Some cool winds and rainshowers in a heat wave, and blue skies and warm sunshine during a cold spell. Continue reading

What food do you grow in your garden?

008 (2)One of the best things about having a garden of my own is that now I can grow stuff to eat. We have a plum tree and an apple tree, and although there are no apples this year (obviously there was frost at a very sensitive time), we had to cut the tips of some branches off the plum tree because they were about to break, so laden with fruit it is. Continue reading

Old friends

GauguinNext weekend, I will be travelling to Berlin for the first time in years. After procrastinating for several months, a few days ago I finally called an old friend whom I hadn’t talked to in about three years. We used to live the same town and shared the same workplace, but then she moved to another company and to Berlin. We kept in touch regularly over several years, but then we just stopped. Continue reading

Earworm of the day: Twist in my Sobriety

[youtube][/youtube]This is one of the songs about which I can’t really explain why they stick to my brain the way they do. It’s incredibly ’80s in the almost negligent way it’s presented. I still haven’t figured out what it’s about. I don’t know any other songs by Tanita Tikaram. Continue reading

What do you do while watching sports on TV?

024Do you like to watch sports on TV? If so, I am sure you have watched one (or more) of those matches that were, well, a tad boring. Dragged for a while. That didn’t hold you interest because honestly, both teams were equally unappealing. On the other hand, I am sure you have also watched matches that got you so worked up that you were ready to throw the TV magazine at the screen, that you needed something, now, to distract you. In either of these cases, what do you do? Continue reading

Earworm of the day: Times Square

[youtube][/youtube]Times Square is not an earworm for me in the sense that I sing it myself all day long, instead I press the “repeat button” and listen to it five times in a row or more.

I discovered Marianne Faithfull as a performer in the 1990s through a track sung on a compilation of Kurt Weill songs. The first album of hers that I bought was Vagabond Ways. I quickly acquired more of her albums, old and new ones. The contrast between her 1960s and her present voice continues to fascinate me. I was lucky enough to listen to her live in Munich some years ago, and wow does she have stage presence!

Do you like Marianne Faithfull? What is your favorite song by her?

– Rike Horstmann

Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof

This is Matthew 6:34, and a bible verse that means a lot to me. I grew up with a mother who, while delightful otherwise, is also one of the world’s great pessimists. So a pattern developed between us that worked/works like this: Mom worries about something. I try to reassure her. She worries some more. I list all the arguments why the situation is not as bad as that. She leaves somewhat comforted. I feel utterly drained. Continue reading