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Wedding presents–thinking outside the registry

Friday, April 1st, 2011


A younger cousin of mine recently got married. I am very fond of this young man. He used to come over and play ping-pong with sons when they were younger and I was exhausted. (It is a rule of parenting that the parent will always tire of a fun activity before the child.) He and his new bride are, of course, registered. There are options from department stores and specialty stores. If I were the sort who wanted to make sure I’d bought the couple something they said they definitively wanted, I had a plethora of viable options. I, however, wanted to buy to the beat of a different drummer. I wanted to give the couple something I was sure they wouldn’t get from anyone else. And, of course, I wanted them to like it. (more…)

To Marry a Princess

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

victoriaI was going to write about the romance of Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and Daniel Westling, whom she met when she enroled at the gym he owned, in the style of a romance novel blurb, but it sounded so unbelievably tacky that I pressed “delete”. (more…)

Wedding tips

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Brautstrauss 2Last week, I came across some pictures of our wedding and spent some time reminiscing. It’s probably the best that can be said about any wedding that groom and bride are firmly convinced it’s the best wedding they ever attended. That’s what we do, and rose-tinted glasses aside, I also think that, objectively, our wedding went very well indeed. (more…)