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to be or not to be a Tiger Mom

race-to-nowhereRecently, the Tiger Mom approach to child raising has been the topic of many a discussion in my town. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s an approach outlined in a bestselling book by Asian mom, Amy Chua, in which she articulates the philosophy behind the stereotypical Asian child’s achievements. (A disclaimer: I haven’t read it.)

I live in a town with high ranking schools and lots of high performing kids. Many of our students begin taking AP classes as freshman and sophomores and spend hours a night on homework. 75% of the families have parents with college degrees and many homes have parents with graduate degrees. (My home fits the latter model—my husband is a physician and I have a Masters degree.) So, when Ms. Chua’s book came out—along with the documentary “Race to Nowhere” which presents the polar opposite approach to kids and their education–, it made me think again (OK, worry again) about what is the best thing I can do—and American society can do—for our college bound kids. Continue reading