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I’m Having a Tea Party

IMG_0200Did you ever have tea parties as a child? I did. One of my favorite gifts as a young girl was a lovely little china tea set covered with pink roses. Several times a week I would pull out my china set and have a tea party either with my friends, my mother, or my dolls. I didn’t actually like tea at that age. More often than not my tea pot either contained Kool-Aid or was empty.

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Latte Envy

peppermintlatteOver the last few weeks I’ve heard a lot of my friends rejoicing about the return of various holiday-flavored drinks to their favorite coffee houses. As if that isn’t enough, I see tweets and Facebook status updates about various faraway friends who are sipping pumpkin spice lattes and peppermint lattes.

Normally, I’m just fine drinking my Earl Grey with a bit of milk, or the occasional hot chocolate or chai tea, but lately, I’ll admit to a bit of latte envy. After all, it’s the holiday season! Where are all the exciting hot drinks for us non-coffee drinkers?

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In Search of the Perfect Cup of Tea

harrypotterteamugSince I was forced to give up my Diet Coke addiction four years and seven months ago (yes, I’m still counting, and still get the cravings at odd moments), I’ve become a devoted tea drinker. I won’t begin to call myself a tea aficionado, because truly, I just don’t like a lot of the fancier, more exotic (expensive) blends.

I’ve tried and rejected a number of white and red teas. They’re interesting, but just don’t fit my need for tea. And while I’ve read about the purported health benefits of green tea, I don’t find it palatable without tons of other flavorings, which probably dilutes the health benefits. I do find peppermint tea comforting when I’m feeling a little sick, and also enjoy some spiced/herbal mixes on a cold winter evening. But on a day-to-day basis, I want a good cup of black tea. Continue reading