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Welcome, spring!

002 (2)Since this has been the darkest winter in Central Europe for many, many years, I can’t wait till spring starts. It’s not the low temperatures or the regular sleet that bother me, it’s the lack of light. So you can imagine my delight when I discovered the first harbingers of spring next to my terrace today! Aren’t they pretty?

– Rike Horstmann

Stocking up your spring wardrobe


One sure sign of spring for me is the fact that all of a sudden I don’t just walk by shop windows (which have been decorated in bright colors for more than a month now), I actually look at them to gauge what will be in fashion this spring and summer and what of that might actually suit me.

Another sign is shopping on the spur of a moment. Continue reading

Is it Spring Yet?

crocusI saw them! Yesterday I took a brief walk at lunch in the cold and rain and saw them; tiny little crocus shoots. Finally!

Yes, it’s nearly May, and it’s still freezing cold in much of the northern United States. Well, maybe not technically freezing, but believe me, going for walks when it’s windy, rainy, and 40 degrees out isn’t a lot of fun. Continue reading

Tulip envy

tulpeYesterday I visited the Bundesgartenschau in Koblenz. Koblenz is a lovely city on the banks of the Rhine and the Moselle, and Bundesgartenschau can be translated as National Garden Show. There are three venues across the town: one around a palace, the other around an ancient church, and the third inside a huge castle on top of a hill. There are big formal gardens and small designer gardens, and lots and lots of information – too much to take it in really, but hugely enjoyable nevertheless. Continue reading

Seasonal decorations … or not

hasenEvery year, some time before Easter my husband begins to grumble that we do not have any Easter decorations out yet. I suggest he take care of it; he grumbles some more that we should do it together. So out the colored eggs and wooden bunnies come, and once the decorations are finished, I quite like them. I just feel no urge whatsoever to initiate the decorating. Continue reading

The perfect coat

regenFor my trip to England later this month, I find myself in need of a coat. I got a lovely weatherproof, knee-length quilted coat which I wear on my bike all winter, but alas this will probably, hopefully be far too warm for late April in Cornwall. So now I am looking for a knee-length weatherproof coat that is thinner without being downright flimsy, perfect for spring and autumn, and those really rainy, cold summer days. Continue reading

Spring Longings

crocusThe past few days we’ve had a bit of a reprieve from a long, fairly brutal winter. Suddenly, the skies were clear and beautifully blue, allowing the sun to shine down all day. And not only did the temperatures rise above freezing, they were actually in the 50s, which meant that coats came off, and for some (not me), flip flops were donned. While I know it’s going to turn colder again later this weekend, for now, I’m just enjoying this respite, and am thinking about all of the things I like to do once spring finally arrives. Continue reading

An Earworm

earwormI discovered today that the charming German word Ohrwurm – a tune you just can’t get out of your head and you find yourself humming despite yourself – is making its way into the English language as earworm.

I have an earworm today, and it’s The Girl from Ipanema. I found myself humming it, not having heard it on the radio before, and I asked myself: why this song? (Often with earworms, there is something in the lyrics that makes my subconscious dig it up.) Continue reading