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True Blood: Season Two Out with a Whimper

truebloodfinale_1_gallery_primaryOnce they wrapped up the Fellowship of the Sun storyline, the season meandered pretty dramatically for me.

Crazy ass psycho bitch Sarah Newlin (acted to perky perfection) and dim bulb Jason just clicked and I loved the wry tone of the storyline.

The maenad, not so much.  Generally speaking, nice people acting mean isn’t a favorite plot device of mine (I always hated the vampire Willow episodes of Buffy) and there was just too much of it.  And, let’s face it, not enough Eric in the final episodes of the season.

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Jon and Kate: Well, You Made This Bed, Didn’t You?

425adjhnktpplcvruscvr051309First of all, I’ve never made a regular habit of watching Jon and Kate Plus 8, that adorable Learning Channel show in which the adorable couple raise their adorable twins and adorable sextuplets.

But you’d have to be living under the proverbial rock to have missed the sordid state their marriage has come to. And, yes, I’ve gotten caught up in it, god help me.

If you were lucky enough to spend the last  few months away from the media maelstrom, here are the headlines:  He’s screwing a 23 year-old. She’s doing her bodyguard.  And the country, my god, the entire country, is capitivated.

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