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Grandma’s Baumkuchen

13Div002I recently rediscovered my grandmother’s recipe for Baumkuchen. English translations for this delicous treat that I have found online are Pyramid cake and layered cake; if you do it properly you prepare it by adding layer after layer of dough on a spit turned regularly. In a less dramatic version, you add the layers in an ordinary loaf pan. That’s what I did last week, and the resulting cake was so delicious that I want to share the recipe with you. Continue reading

In Search of a Few Good Salmon Recipes

For years the health benefits of salmon have been touted in the media. As a source of Omega-3 fatty acids – one of the good fats – salmon’s health benefits also have been widely researched. Chief among the advantages is lowering one’s risk of heart disease. Although some other fish are also high in Omega-3 fatty acids (including mackerel, herring, and sardines), salmon seems to be most frequently mentioned. The American Heart Association currently recommends that adults try to incorporate two or more servings a week of one of these fish into their diet. Continue reading

Tomato Paste to the Rescue?

IMG_0198Do you cook? If you do, then like me, you’ve undoubtedly made at least one dish that just didn’t turn out as predicted. Most of my flops occur when I’m creating a dish without the help of a recipe. But some recipes, even those praised by numerous individuals on the web, don’t measure up to my tastes.

Unless a dish is absolutely horrible — in which case it goes down the garbage disposal — I normally try to rescue it by use of one of my go-to ingredients.

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A Bavarian specialty: Obatzda

ObatzdaObatzda is a typical Bavarian cheese spread you get both at festivals like the Oktoberfest and in beer halls any time of the year, but it is something you can make for yourself very easily, too. In larger amounts, I have prepared it for a party buffet, but the small amount listed below is just perfect for a Brotzeit (cold meat, cheeses, salad and bread) with the family. Continue reading


blackberries For the past month, I’ve been getting the most wonderful blackberries at the farmers’ market. Supermarket blackberries aren’t bad, but these are sweeter and more flavorful. I’ve been gorging myself on berries and we’ve had so many that I’ve been trying to find new things to do with them. One can add them to salads and there’s the obvious blackberry cobbler, but I’ve been looking for new recipes. I’ve found some online, but one of my new favorites was given to me by a friend.

It’s a recipe for blackberry syrup and it’s delicious over pancakes, and even better over ice cream. I haven’t been able to find a printed version of this one, but I believe it may have been adapted from something in a back issue of Southern Living. Here’s how it works:

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Pasta Anyone?

pastaRike’s post the other day about comfort foods got me thinking about some of my favorites. I love many of the things she mentioned to snack on.  But when we’re talking a meal, and when I’m totally exhausted, overworked, and overstressed, there’s really only one thing that I want: pasta.

I suspect that my love of pasta goes back to the ever popular macaroni and cheese my mother used to make when I was a child. And no, she didn’t use boxed mixes; she made hers completely from scratch, and it was delicious. Continue reading

While it’s Freezing Cold Outside…

HPIM1479 Record-breaking cold and I seem not to be the best of friends these days. I still prefer cold to heat. After all, while one can always pile on more layers, there’s a limit to what I can take off! Even with my preference for chill over heat, I still crave comfort food this time of year more than anything else. Some folks may swear by chicken soup or chili, but for me New England Clam Chowder has always hit the spot when I feel like a walking ice cube.

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