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Buying a Car 2013 Style


Now that my husband has retired, we decided to take a lot of car trips around the Western United States. The only problem was our car situation. I drive a two-door RAV4 that’s wonderful around town since I can easily park it in any postage stamp-sized space. It’s not a road car, however. My husband’s sedan-sized Honda was just a little too low for either of us to get into comfortably considering we’re both starting to get stiffness and a little pain in our knees. So it was definitely time to get a newer, higher car for those road trips we’re anticipating.

Since we’re Consumer Reports subscribers, we got out the magazines and the hunt was on. We quickly decided on four cars that seemed to meet our needs, all of them small SUVs. Since there’s an auto mall about ten miles away with dealerships for all four makes, we set out thinking we would take two days to find out more about the cars and test drive each one. We started at the Honda dealership.

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Pat’s Fruitcake

fruitcake slicedWhen I was growing up in Nebraska, my Irish grandmother made fruitcake for the family. It was gooey and sticky, and steeped in liquor, the only liquor little kids were allowed to have. Even the egg nog was non-alcoholic for the kids. But the fruitcake was oozing with liquor. Unfortunately, I never got the family recipe for the fruitcake from her, but I distinctly remember what it tasted like.

When I got married, I discovered my husband also likes the most maligned of holiday cakes, and we searched to find our own recipe for it. Now forty years later, my husband and I still make our Christmas fruitcake on Thanksgiving weekend to give to our family and friends.

We originally bought a copy of From Julia Child’s Kitchen for the onion soup recipe, another culinary delight we found we shared. But rummaging around in the book, we found Julia Child’s Sticky Cake, which once we tasted it became our holiday staple. Continue reading