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in praise of the “murse”

hotornot-hugh-jackmanI am, after years of indecision, a fan of the “murse” or the male purse.  It’s an idea whose time has clearly come.

I just spent a week in Northern Europe where men with bags slung over their shoulders are a common sight. I saw men with messenger bags, one strap backpacks, long strap briefcases, and some fairly purse-like satchels. I saw guys pull out their cell-phones from inner pockets, call their wives to say they were on their way home, and then tuck the phones safely away. I saw dads pulling out juice bottles, wild young men in Amsterdam pulling out lighters, well-dressed males pulling out travel guides and, once, a guy pulling out a bouquet of flowers for his girlfriend. Murses are all over Europe and I predict we will begin to see more of them here in the good old USA.

Murses make sense especially in a world where so many men carry at least one electronic device.  So many of today’s devices have fragile parts: touch screens that easily shatter, keyboards that can’t stand even the slightest contact with water. It seems quite sane to carry such objects in something less dangerous than a pants pocket. And many men are carting more than one device. I personally carry an iPhone, an iPad, a Kindle and a camera most everywhere I go. Putting all those things in my purse not only protects them, it makes it easier to tote them. I assume that ease would be equally enjoyed by the other sex.

So, whether a man is a gadget freak packing several devices, a dad armed with diapers and a juice box, or a reader loaded up with tomes (electronic or actual), the murse is the best solution out there. It needs to become, well, manly and thus acceptable to many of this country’s males.

What do you think? Can you imagine America full of murse carrying males? If not, why not? (OK, maybe they all won’t look like Hugh Jackman, but I’m pretty sure that’s not the point!)