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Sunday Night TV Wankdom: The Sandy Version

don-draper-promo-picOn Sunday night I fell asleep during Mad Men.

This unprecedented occurrence is due to the fact that showrunner Matt Weiner seems to have permanently inserted his head up his ass.

In other words, I think he is putting a bit too much credence in his own press.

Do I hope that somehow, someway he will unwedge himself?  You bet I do.  But with meandering plots; strange, ham-handedly “meaningful” shots of nothing (what was up with Don’s hand at the May Day celebration); and a determined lack of focus on anything resembling a forward-moving plot, I’m becoming less and less optimistic.

Right now, the emperor has no clothes.   None.  (If things change after watching Sunday’s third episode, I will eat appropriate amounts of crow.)  Mad Men has always come dangerously close to being in the red on the precious meter, but this season it is beyond pretentious.  And I want my Don Draper back. Really.

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And It’s TV Time!

14067855After the madness and nonstop action of RWA, it’s veg out time for me! Good thing a few of my favorite TV series (and guilty pleasures) are providing some excellent fodder for down time!

Could there have been a better time for Toddlers & Tiaras to make a reappearance?  Surely not, sister.  I love pursing my lips over those toxic moms. And my man Tony Bourdain?  Thanks, fella, for kicking it back in with terrific episodes – one of which takes place in none other than nearby Charm City.  I love his laconic charm.  His smart ass humor.  His smarts without the ass.  His ass without the smarts. And, gosh darn it, his all around magnificent Tony-ness!

And, of course, there are the myriad pleasures of True Blood which are pretty damn myriad at the moment.  You’ve got your pagan orgies!  And Sam with his shirt off!  And Eric – my god, Eric!  With tantalizing hints out there that there just may be a nude scene in his future, my cup (and his, I am certain – ha, ha) runneth over.  I am also currently enjoying a extra large side of crow because one of my favorite things about this season is dim bulb Jason and his adventures with the Fellowship of the Sun psycho bitch from hell Sarah Newlin.  It takes talent to portray a character with absolutely nothing going on his brain and Ryan Kwanten has totally won me over now that I don’t have to look at his ass every episode.  (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) As for Sarah, the actress – and the character – are magnificently over the top.  Perky + Crazy Ass Psycho Tendencies = Big Time Winner!

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