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Picnic Delights

cookout With the 4th of July coming along tomorrow, grills all over my area will be lighting up! Even though I tend to wilt in the extreme heat and humidity of summer, there is something about a good cookout that I just love. The mingling smells of grass, sunscreen and the grill just make me happy. Good friends and a little wine don’t hurt either.
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Prime Season at the Farmers’ Market

farmersmarket Summer heat makes me wilt quickly, but even if it is hot as blazes, this time of year is the perfect time to hit the farmers’ market. I’m one of those folks who shows up at the local market early in the season when the first pale mixed greens are coming out, and I’m one of the last to leave in winter (here in VA, we can get fresh produce almost up until Christmas).

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My Guilty TV Pleasure

NUP_112606_0572 I have to admit it. I’m a lawyer, and even though I should know better, I can’t stop watching Law & Order. Even when the prosecutors are making some truly cringeworthy mistakes of law, I can’t tear myself away. The early seasons of the show actually offered some good legal lessons (and at various points, some quality Chris Noth viewing – not that Jeremy Sisto is hard on the eyes nowadays), but later seasons have gone further afield. In the past few seasons, I can’t think of an episode featuring a case anything like one that the lawyers I know would ever encounter. Still, the strained reasoning and “ripped from the headlines” craziness is entertaining, I like the different personalities of the characters, and I can’t stop watching even if it is so completely implausible.

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