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The Noobs have Pwned our insults!

thCAJEMANLOver dinner the other day my husband and I were telling our teenage son about old insult sayings, to see if he could figure out what they meant. We were saddened to learn that phrases we’ve known since childhood were no longer common knowledge. Are they dying out completely? Some of the more colorful ones we asked about were:

Caring Less is Still Caring

English is a living language, meaning that it’s always changing, always evolving. Unless you want to live in constant pedantic frustration, you have to be willing to accept new words or phrases that didn’t exist at all in the near past or, a bit harder, words or phrases that originally meant one thing but have now come to mean something else because of common misuse or a general misunderstanding. Continue reading

“That’s a fun word, isn’t it?”

words 2

This week, while driving three 15 year olds to school, I overheard my daughter say, after she had defined the word quintessence for her friend, “That’s a fun word, isn’t it?”  My son said, “You know what I think is a fun word? Schadenfreude.” I smiled. Like my kids, I too think many words are flat out fun: fun to say, fun to know, fun to use. The car chat got me thinking about my favorite words… here are ten I love. Continue reading