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Lady Gaga (again)


I know there’s at least one massive Lady Gaga fan here at AAR (Jane, I’m looking at you).  My appreciation for her has grown very slowly; there was always respect, but it took a while for me to get beyond the makeup, controversy, eggs and 15-minute music videos.  I think what clinched it, though, was her two-minute live rendition of “Edge of Glory” on SNL, and which I found she also played for Howard Stern (above).

You know, there aren’t that many pop stars who not only write and sing their own songs, but also allow the frailties and flaws of their voices stand out, adorned and naked as she does.  There also aren’t that many songwriters whose songs allow themselves to such a variety of interpretation – but Lady Gaga’s do.  And there aren’t that many songs when, stripped down, are even better than the studio-produced, mass-accompanied ones – but I think this one qualifies in my book.  And finally, there certainly aren’t that many artists who can, and do, do all three.

Lady Gaga does.

– Jean AAR

“Bad Romance” v. 854


I never really noticed how big Lady Gaga had become until now.  It just happened so quickly, so astronomically, so (insert choice of superlative)-ly, that I’m not sure I have any concept of it.

There is one benchmark, though: Everywhere I turn, I hear “Bad Romance.”  Radio, orchestral, university a cappella, brass band – you name it, and it probably exists.  Is there a greater indication of ubiquity and influence than all the different versions out there?  I’ve no idea whether there actually are over 800 versions, but honestly, in five or ten years, I wouldn’t be surprised.

There are some good ones, especially a cappella, but I think my favourite one is this one, sung by The Other Guys, about a really famous, really recent, but hopefully not actually bad romance.


– Jean AAR

Squee Week Continues (The Alexander Skarsgard Version)

If you’re not into the Skarsgard love, feel free to just move along.  But if you are on board and haven’t seen the new Lady Gaga (I know, I know – regrettable) video that was “leaked” yesterday,  settle down and give yourself a little Saturday treat.  Because it is hot.  Seriously hot.  Of course, it would have been much hotter without Lady Gaga, but still, as pop videos go, this is a cool one.

And here’s a special little bonus for all True Blood and Eric Fans:

One thing more: If you’re a fan of the show, be sure to check this space on Monday.  Just sayin’.

-Sandy AAR