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Earworm of the Day: Wide Awake by Katy Perry


My youngest son loves to listen to the radio. This has actually been really good for me – without him I might be stuck in the ’80’s, listening to the same music I did back in college. The down side is that I often find myself haunted by the music we just listened to. This is my latest haunt. I’m lucky – the song bears up well under repeated hearings. And the video has some amazing imagery.

What music has been haunting you lately?

– Maggie AAR

Favorite (Slightly Raunchy) Love Songs

George Michael’s proved to us with I Want Your Sex that a come on song isn’t exactly a love song. Some of those songs can be incredibly fun like Candy Man by Christina Aguilera or Come On, Eileen by Dexy’s Midnight Runners. It’s pretty clear what these folks are celebrating and the information is given to us straight up, no pretty wrappings or flowery innuendo required.

Some songs add a little love to their come on. Here are some of my favorites.

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