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My Christmas Baking Cheat Sheet

holiday pretzels I love to bake during the holiday season but don’t have loads of time. So while there are a few things I set aside time to really cook up right, I also rely on simple recipes that have been proven crowd pleasers.

At the top of my list is the Junior Mint brownie. Brownies in general are a great idea because there is so much you can do with them but for whatever reason the Junior Mint brownie always gets the most oohs and aahs. Simply make a fudge brownie (package mixes do fine) and during the last five minutes of baking evenly spread a box of junior mints across the top. When you pull the brownies out take a spatula and spread the melted Junior Mints across the top to ensure a thin, glaze like coating across the entire batch. This is a recipe that can be found all over the internet and is incredibly easy to make. Continue reading