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Still on the Market

sale signWay back in March or April (I don’t remember exactly when), we put out house on the market because we plan to build in a new neighborhood outside of town.  Unfortunately, our house hasn’t yet sold.  At first, I was okay with the fact that it didn’t sell immediately, but now I’ve reached frustration mode. 

To be safe, we decided to sell and then build, which means most likely we’ll be in a rental while the new house is under construction.  Also, I wanted to be settled in a new house by Christmas so I could decorate and because the boys are worried about Santa being able to find them.  Plus, I’m terrified all the lots will be sold in the neighborhood we plan to build in before ours is even under contract.   Fortunately, there are plently of lots left because the market has affected the developer as well.  Continue reading

Where Did My Summer Go?

starting school 2Summer is unofficially over for me today.  While the kids and I go back to school today, amidst 90 degree temperatures I might add, I have to wonder what happened to the days of going back to school after Labor Day.   Does anyone even do that anymore?

Now is the time of year when we have to give up our weekday nights catching fireflies and letting them go.  We have to abandon our days at the lake and our frequent visits to the grandparents.  There will be no more staying up late and sleeping in during the week.  The boys have to go to bed when there’s still light outside.  Most importantly to me, today’s my youngest son’s first day of “big kid” school. My little boy is no longer my baby.  Continue reading

Life on a Diet

180px-Feet_on_scaleI’m on a diet and I don’t like it.  I always gain weight in the summer as I’m not working and at home with the boys all day.  However, this year I managed to outgrow my school/work clothes, or at least they’re indecently tight. 

Unfortunately, this is a normal trend for me.  I gain in the summer, spend August, September, and October losing the weigh, eat everything in sight in November and December,  and then diet and attempt to maintain in the Winter and Spring.  While I enjoy exercising (I really do!), I also like to eat, which means it’s a never ending battle.  Continue reading

A New Toy

cameraIn the last couple of years, I’ve discovered several new gadgets that make life a little easier.  The first was my iPod.  I haven’t purchased an entire CD since and I’m okay with that.  The second was my Kindle.  What can I say?  I love it and it makes reading so convenient.  Plus, you don’t have to deal with some of those awful covers.  The third is my camera, which was the most necessary purchase of my three favorite toys. 

Way back in 1996, I was given a Canon EOS Rebel X, which was my first real camera and it’s been everywhere I’ve been since then.  It’s been left in a hostel in Paris, forgotten in a ice cream parlor in Pisa, and dropped in the surf in Destin, but it always came back to me and worked beautifully – until two weeks ago.  It just stopped working and I was devastated. 

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The Real Housewives

housewives_newjersey320I have a new TV guilty pleasure:  Brava’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey.  None of the others (Orange County, New York, Atlanta) ever appealed to me at all and if I passed them while channel surfing,  I would usually roll my eyes in amazement.  But for some reason New Jersey’s got me hooked and I can’t explain why.  Maybe it’s because they’re just so very different from anyone I’ve ever encountered.  Maybe it’s the sheer cattiness.  Who knows? 

All the women are extremely successful, wealthy, fashionable,  and dedicated to family.  They’re also connected to each other in some form or fashion.  Caroline and Dina are sister’s married to brothers.  Jacqueline is also their sister-in-law.  Teresa and Danielle are connected to the group through friendship, but things aren’t always so friendly.  However,  since I found this gem of a show a little late into the season, I’m not real sure of Teresa’s exact connection to the others in the group outside of friendship.  Continue reading

My Feud with the Post Office

mailtruckI’m so unhappy with the United States Postal Service that I feel the need to vent.  Generally, I’ve never had problems with the delivery service before, at least none that I’m aware of.   But in the last three months they’ve lost three  packages mailed to me.  All three were mailed priority – one from the eastern side of the country and two from the western side.  To me, that means it’s not a problem with those post offices, but with one closer to me.  Surprisingly, all three packages contained the same thing – books.  There are some things that can be lost, but my books aren’t one of them! Continue reading

AAR Goes to the Movies: Night at the Museum

night-at-the-museum-2One of the trade-offs in the joys of parenthood is that sometimes I have to see movies that on my own, I probably wouldn’t see.  Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian is one of those movies.  Luckily, I enjoyed it for it’s over the top performances and it’s poking fun of esteemed historical personalities. 

The story begins two years after the last movie’s end.  In that time, the main character, Larry Daley, played by Ben Stiller, is now a wealthy inventor who rarely visits the museum, but still cares deeply for his friends who come to life nightly due to an ancient Egyptian tablet. 

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Forbes’ List of 20 Best Cities

viennaBecause I  leave my Internet home page set to MSN, I often get distracted by the articles when my main purpose is to work. Today, one of the feature articles is about the world’s best cities to live in from Forbes.com, which, of course, caught my eye and distracted me enough to blog about it.  Of the top twenty, thirteen are in Europe (Vienna is ranked first), two are in New Zealand, two are in Australia, and three are in Canada.  Sadly, I’ve only been to four of them, which means I severely need to get out more.

The list is compiled yearly by considering the political and social environment of various cities.  They look at indicators like economic strength, public safety, school quality, health care, infrastructure, entertainment, housing, and climate.    While I begrudge none that made the list, I’m still a little sad no city from my home country made the top 20 list.  It’s kinda like not making the first cut of a beauty pagent – disappointing.   But, there’s always next year.

AAR Heather

A Foot Fetish

pedicureI’m a sucker for a pedicure and warm weather gives me an excuse to indulge.  Since I try to be thrifty, I only allow myself to partake when it’s time for sandals and flip-flops and yesterday marked my first pedicure of the season.  After being on my feet all day, the warm water soak and massage chair were heaven.  Sometimes the scrub massage bothers me because I’m a little ticklish, but yesterday it was perfect.  To top it all off, I picked a pretty shade of pink polish and left with extra spring in my step.  I even booked my next appointment before I left so I wouldn’t put it off. 

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