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Trick or Treat

UnknownMy having an October birthday has meant many, many Halloween themed parties over the years.  Then my youngest daughter came into the world on October 30 and we had two in the family born close to that veil between the living world and the dead.  I was actually finishing costumes for my two oldest children when I went into labor.  When each of my children were old enough,  I made costumes and drove my kids to other neighborhoods or attended church events on Halloween.  Unfortunately, the neighborhood we lived in for nearly twenty years was not conducive to trick-or-treaters and in all of those years we had exactly three trick-or-treaters…TOTAL. Continue reading

Halloween – Coming Soon

You know I haven’t baked anything for a Halloween party in what seems like forever. Looking for recipes I was amazed at some of the creations.  This is tame by comparison to many (brain cookies will be coming later if I can figure out how to show the picture).

There are different videos available for severed finger cookies on YouTube but I picked this one because I liked the instructor’s voice plus it seems pretty easy.


Speaking of easy, this one looks extremely simple and colorful.  Just don’t hold the instructor against me.


Do you have some great decorative desserts for Halloween? If so I would love to hear about them.

– – Leigh AAR

The H-word

NoHalloween150I’m in the field of education. And I live in Toronto, one of the most multicultural cities in North America. Those two qualities together means that Halloween is, rightly or not, a pretty touchy topic.

And I know Toronto, and education, are not alone in this regard. Popular stereotype usually only has orthodox Christians opposing the mass celebration/consumption of a rite that has its origins in pagan beliefs. They don’t know how to have fun! They take it too seriously! It’s just a night for kids (and adults) to dress up and have fun before winter kicks in! But plenty of people choose not to participate, or permit their children to participate, in anything relating to Halloween, for reasons secular and sacred, moral and ethical, gastronomic and medical.

From an educative perspective, schools in urban, multicultural Toronto take positions across the spectrum, but more and more schools are looking to be inclusive by being exclusive. Continue reading