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Glee: Are you part of the 30%? Or the 70%?


Between this season and last, Glee lost some thirty percent of its viewing audience. That’s quite a chunk of people abandoning ship. Right now I am part of the seventy percent that stayed. But I can honestly say I am eyeing the greener pastures of Glee-free living more and more with every episode. This week’s snooze fest just about clinched it for me. Things will have to get better or I will be removing this once snarkly brilliant show from my DVR list.  What has gone wrong: Continue reading



Glee’s season 2 is coming to an end tonight.  Will they win Nationals? I honestly don’t know.  They lost last year in the Season finale, so it’s not a shoo-in for national dominance. They’ll be singing original songs again, including the one above.  Apparently Charice, the singer who played Sunshine Corazon in two episodes (the girl Rachel sent to a crack house), will be back.

After last week’s episode (during which I cried, by the way — in Starbucks, where I watched it online. Awk.) I’m interested in how Sue will figure into it.  I hope they don’t just backtrack and revert to her sabotaging them.  It’s been funny, but it’s been 2 seasons– let’s see something new.

What did you think about this season? What are your predictions for tonight’s episode?

The Emmy’s get Glee-ful


I used to watch every award show on TV, with the Academy Awards being my very favorite. These days, I catch so few movies when they’re out in theatres, that the Academy Awards has lost a bit of its appeal. I still watch some of the Red Carpet before many of the awards shows, but about the only award show that I come close to watching in its entirety is the Emmys. In any given year I can be assured that I’ll have seen far more of the TV shows nominated for an Emmy than movies nominated for Oscars.

The nominations came out this week for the 2010 Emmys, and I was very happy to see that second only to The Pacific (24 nominations) is Glee (19 nominations), with Mad Men (17 nominations) a close third. Continue reading

Season Finales


This past week brought the season finales of two of my favorite — and very different — shows, Glee and Top Chef Masters. About half-way through the finale of Glee, I was beginning to feel some disappointment. I so wanted the show to go out on a high note for the summer.

Continue reading