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Stocking up your spring wardrobe


One sure sign of spring for me is the fact that all of a sudden I don’t just walk by shop windows (which have been decorated in bright colors for more than a month now), I actually look at them to gauge what will be in fashion this spring and summer and what of that might actually suit me.

Another sign is shopping on the spur of a moment. Continue reading

Summer Hats

summer hatDo you wear a hat in the summer? Now I’m not talking about one of the glorious fascinators that we saw at the Royal Wedding. I’m referring to a basic summer hat designed to protect you from the sun.

While I dutifully slather on sunscreen several times a day, I never think to put on a hat in the summer. Well, to be honest, I don’t even own any summer hats. An offhand remark by a friend has me thinking that it’s time to rectify that fashion deficit.

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Hat delight

hut 1When I saw the footage of Queen Elizabeth II’s visit to the Republic of Ireland, my first thought was not about what a historic date this was, and now wonderful the two countries can take another step towards reconciliation and forgiveness, but … wow, what a hat! My next thought was, I want a hat like that! And my next, I want occasions to wear a hat like this! Continue reading

Clothes sizes

sizesOver Easter, I spent a week in England, and probably one of the most useful pieces of knowledge I brought back with me is what sizes I wear in the UK. No, seriously. I like to order clothes online now and then, and sizes (which are different in what feels like every single European country) are a huge stumbling block. It’s comparatively easy, though by no means fool-proof, if the clothes go by S, M, L etc. Continue reading

Fascinating Fascinators

Let’s be perfectly honest: the best part of the Royal Wedding fashion are the hats.  Sometimes I truly wish hats were fashionable in the US.  If I could pull it off, I would totally wear hats as statement pieces.  My friends always mock me because whenever we went out shopping in London, I would be irresistibly drawn to the headbands and headbands with a half-veil, a la Chelsy Davies’ hat:

(Alas, this is an awful picture of her.  Cute hat, though.)

“What, are you trying to be Lady GaGa?” my friends asked.  No— clearly, I was just trying to be British.

Anyway, some of my favorites from yesterday’s festivities:

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The perfect coat

regenFor my trip to England later this month, I find myself in need of a coat. I got a lovely weatherproof, knee-length quilted coat which I wear on my bike all winter, but alas this will probably, hopefully be far too warm for late April in Cornwall. So now I am looking for a knee-length weatherproof coat that is thinner without being downright flimsy, perfect for spring and autumn, and those really rainy, cold summer days. Continue reading