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Surprises at the Farmers Market

It’s time for the farmers market! Okay, if you live in a southern climate this probably seems very puzzling to you. After all, you have fresh produce year round (or so it seems to this native northerner). But while we have a “year-round” farmers market in town, for most of the year it just features crafts (such as homemade soaps) and canned and preserved goods. But now, finally, it’s that time of year again. The farmers market in town is finally starting to get a bit of fresh produce.

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Prime Season at the Farmers’ Market

farmersmarket Summer heat makes me wilt quickly, but even if it is hot as blazes, this time of year is the perfect time to hit the farmers’ market. I’m one of those folks who shows up at the local market early in the season when the first pale mixed greens are coming out, and I’m one of the last to leave in winter (here in VA, we can get fresh produce almost up until Christmas).

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