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Christmas Tree Ornaments

006My mother collects Christmas tree ornaments. She puts about five ornaments on each single twig of the tree (I kid you not), and the overall effect is slightly overwhelming but very beautiful and festive. Over the years, I have been given a few ornaments for Christmas, so that my own tree looks quite nice, too. I don’t receive the very best ornaments, but sometimes she finds more than one of a sort at some flea market or Christmas fair, and then she passes it to me. Or I have liked one so very much that she found it in her heart to part with it. (She is a true collector, and doesn’t part with her treasures easily.) Here are some of my ornaments that I really like: Continue reading



In my family I am considered an aberration in regards to holiday decorating.  My grandmother, mother and her two sisters all loved putting some type of knick-knack on every available space.  They had always been decorating fanatics, but after they discovered Department 56’s Villages lighted porcelain houses, there was no stopping them.  It wasn’t enough to buy the houses, they then had to have trees, and people, and props for the people.  And of course the houses couldn’t set on just plain surfaces – they had to create a snowy effect by using white felt cloth or Styrofoam.  Continue reading

Your Sofa is How Old?

red-sofaI’ve resisted for a number of years, but have finally realized it’s time to do it. Yes, I  absolutely, positively must replace my old living room furniture.

My sofa and loveseat looked quite nice when I originally purchased them. But they’ve finally started to show their age. No matter how many new pillows I place on them, the  basic furniture is just looking a bit too worn. I try to be frugal, so shelling out money for a new sofa hurts. But it’s long past time when a slipcover will do the trick.

Continue reading

Spring Fever

tulipsThe other day Jane posted about spring in DC. I guess it’s that time of year, because I’ve been going through major spring fever for the last few weeks.

Normally I can make it through March before spring fever strikes, but some unexpectedly warm weather a week or so ago brought it on early.

During that wonderful early week of warm weather I started going for long walks again on my lunch hour. And even though it’s been much cooler the last few days, I’m still going for those walks. There’s something about being outside in the middle of the day — in the sun — that makes the rest of the work day go by much more quickly. Continue reading