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Dancing With the Stars

Kirstie_Alley_Maks_ChmerkovskiyUnderwhelmed? No, I was appalled when I heard the cast announcement for this season. I’d never even heard of a lot of the “stars,” and the ones I had? Horror.I picked Kirstie Alley and Ralph Macchio as early jokes of the season. If you’ve watched the show before, you know what I mean. The star — or stars — of the season who are horrible dancers, make a joke of the process, and are kept on way too long for either the drama or ratings. I vowed I would finally give the show up.

Okay, that vow lasted until about five minutes before the season began, when my fingers flipped the switch to ABC and I was once again watching DWTS. I was prepared to switch channels at any time. Well, no channel switching occurred that first night, and I’ve been glued to my TV each show since for the performances. Sure, there are no standouts as in past seasons, no ringers to pick as the winner from the first night. But in a way, that’s made the season more fun for me. Nearly everyone seems to have an honest chance to win.

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Reality TV Update

Amazing Race PhilYes, it’s that time again; we’re nearing the finales for many long-running reality TV shows. This season, the three main shows I’ve watched are: The Amazing Race, Dancing With the Stars, and Survivor. While I’ve enjoyed the other two, I’m afraid I may be pretty much over Dancing With the Stars.

Dancing With the Stars: At the beginning of the season, way too much of the focus was on Kate Gosselin. I never watched her own reality show, and after seeing her on DWTS, have no desire to do so. In addition to being rather mean-spirited, she absolutely couldn’t dance; could barely walk. I thought she would be voted off the first week, but instead, lasted for several weeks. Continue reading