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Seeking, locating, acquiring, organizing, cataloging, and displaying… those special things.


When I got married, I semi-seriously decided that to be a successful American couple, my husband and I needed to start collecting something. We knew couples who collected art involving cows, books about colorful birds, beer cans from all nations, even one who collected whole sets of expensive china. We decided we’d collect refrigerator magnets. That worked well for years—my favorite one said, “A gossip is someone with a great sense of rumor.” But, then, we moved into a kitchen with stainless steel and began to live magnet free.

For a few years after we moved, I didn’t collect anything purposely. (I think buying shoes, for example, isn’t collecting, even if one has, oh let’s say, 60 odd pairs.) However, about five years ago I changed my habits and began seriously collecting small religious/spiritual artifacts from many faiths and from all over the world.   Continue reading

Bookmarks Anyone?


I just love bookmarks. And as a reader, what could be a more perfect accessory?

Years ago, when I first started traveling for work, I didn’t have a lot of money to pick up souvenirs. However, I went to some interesting places and wanted to be able to have a remembrance.

Since I always tried to squeeze in a visit to at least one bookstore on every trip (if longer than one day), I settled on picking up a bookmark when I could find them. Now these were the days when independent bookstores were everywhere, so the opportunities were tremendous. Continue reading