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What do you give to?

Recently my family and I were fortunate to be involved in the creation of a Habitat House. ¬†We watched the house being built–we were on the sponsoring side rather than the building side–and, every week, seeing the house take form was a wonderful thing. It got me thinking about giving and what people give–time, money, ideas, energy–to.

I’m not a religious person and thus do not tithe and am not involved at a church. But I love being a volunteer and have done everything from coaching little kids soccer to chairing the governing committee at my children’s high school. Currently I serve on the Board of my local YMCA and, as a small business owner, try and support many of my town’s charitable events. Continue reading

Recovery for Haiti

haiti Normally, I like to blog about hobbies, music and things I do for fun. However, the earthquake in Haiti has been what occupies much of my thoughts lately. Seeing human misery on such a scale, it is impossible not to want to help. I haven’t suddenly morphed into a newshound who stays glued to the TV or internet 24/7, but I have found myself thinking of the people affected and trying to find ways to help. From what I hear from friends, I know I’m not the only one thinking this way. To put things in perspective, I saw in today’s news that the casualties from this earthquake are on a par with those from the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004 - but they’re all in one country rather than scattered across several.

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