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Castle in the Air

Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion

Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion

I rarely watch television anymore. I just can’t seem to relate positively to most of the popular shows. Having been through a few medical procedures and operations, I don’t care to watch hospital dramas, and frankly, House just plain old scares me. The same for the CSI’s after the one hold up at a 7-11 at 9 at night that I was in.

But I do watch Castle. As a writer and reader, I enjoy watching the interplay between mystery writer Richard Castle and NYPD detective Kate Beckett. Having met quite a few detectives through the years, I recognize Beckett’s no-nonsense approach to crime, and knowing quite a few mystery writers, I understand Castle’s outside-the-box-thinking about why people do what they do.

More important to me, however, is the family dynamic in the program. Continue reading

Season Finales


What a week for season finales! This week I stayed up  later than normal catching series finales. I usually just record the shows that start at 10pm, but this week, I felt compelled to catch them in real time.

The week started on Sunday with the finale and reunion show of Survivor. And yes, after four attempts, Boston Rob has finally won. I didn’t hate his winning as much as I thought I would, but really, please do not bring back Russell again. Most of my friends have long since given up on Survivor, but I’m still watching. However, I found this Russell vs. Rob battle to be one of my least favorite seasons. Continue reading