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Bones Baby Update: Yay or nay?

We’re a few episodes into the seventh season of Bones, and last season ended on a huge cliff-hanger and game changer: Bones’ announcement of her pregnancy with Booth’s baby.  Their will-they-or-won’t-they tension has been hotly debated for six seasons, and didn’t actually end when they did finally get together.  there are still a lot of questions, and I don’t think anyone was quite sure how things would go when the season premiered a few weeks ago.

Personally, I’m pleased with how things are going, but I would have liked a bit more context to the situation towards the end of the season.  I feel cheated out of the pleasure of seeing the other characters’ shock and excitement when the news gets out.  I don’t think the chemistry between Booth and Bones has diminished, though, which is (was?) a pretty big fear of many fans.

So, what do you think so far?  Were you disappointed with where the show is going, or happy?  What do you think will happen through the rest of the season, and series as a whole?

Season Finales


What a week for season finales! This week I stayed up  later than normal catching series finales. I usually just record the shows that start at 10pm, but this week, I felt compelled to catch them in real time.

The week started on Sunday with the finale and reunion show of Survivor. And yes, after four attempts, Boston Rob has finally won. I didn’t hate his winning as much as I thought I would, but really, please do not bring back Russell again. Most of my friends have long since given up on Survivor, but I’m still watching. However, I found this Russell vs. Rob battle to be one of my least favorite seasons. Continue reading

Did They or Didn’t They?


For those of you who are current with this season of Bones, you know what I’m asking.  After last week’s episode (RIP Vincent Nigel-Murray) things are a bit ambiguous as to the current state of Booth and Bones’s relationship.  Yes, they spent a night in bed together– but was it platonic?   Tonight is the season finale; hopefully the question will be answered.

What do you expect from tonight’s finale? Will Booth and Bones finally become “official?” Will Hodgins’ and Angela’s baby be a boy or girl? Will it be blind? What will we have “never saw coming?”

Bones: How Did I Miss This?


Well over a year ago I read a post by Jane here about Bones. I’ll admit I thought the show sounded interesting, but I just wasn’t ready to commit to another TV show, especially one that had been on for quite a few years. I should also admit to another reason for passing on the series. As a big mystery reader, I’d tried Kathy Reichs’ series years earlier, but just couldn’t get into it. Even though lots of people commented on Jane’s post that the TV series and mystery series were quite different, I just wasn’t convinced. So, I decided to pass on it, and really didn’t give it another thought.

Then, one night this week, too exhausted to do much of anything, I engaged in a bit of channel surfing. Suddenly, there was Bones; and it was fascinating. I enjoyed the plot of the episode I watched, and was completely engaged by the characters, and especially, Booth and Brennan. Continue reading