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Living With Coo the Parrot

DSCN9122 A few months ago my husband gave me the wonderful and terrible gift of a twelve year old African Grey parrot. It belonged to a client that advised my tender-hearted honey that with a new baby in their house, the bird would have to be put down. When hubby approached me about adopting the bird, at first I was adamant – No birds in the house. No way. Never. They’re filthy. But he appealed to my pet-loving side and I finally, reluctantly, agreed to yet another animal in the house as long as it didn’t become my responsibility. It was not going to be my bird!
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What Bird is That?

canada-warblerWith the advent (finally) of nicer weather, I recently switched from exclusively exercising indoors, to walking outdoors as well. Most days I manage to take a 30 minute walk before getting ready for work.

A few days ago I discovered a park only about five minutes from my home. Lest you think I’m completely unobservant, I should say that it’s tucked away a bit off the road and sidewalk, and isn’t marked very clearly.

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