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Oscar Preparations

For a number of personal reasons I lost my love of the movies for a few years. Except for the Harry Potter flicks I didn’t even venture into a theater, and rarely watched a movie on my TV. For a lifelong movie lover this was pretty drastic.

But a few years ago my love of movies came back in a major way. Sure, I can still go for months — particularly the summer months — without watching a movie in a theater. But I’ll still watch a lot of older movies on my TV. But then November rolls around and the “good” movie season begins for me. Finally, we’re through with all the silly summer flicks and the “grown-up”/Oscar contender movies seem to hit town.

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Prepping for the Oscars

moviesLast month Dabney talked about her resolution to go to one movie a month. I go in streaks with movies. I’ll go for months, sometimes years, without seeing any current films in the theater. And during those periods I’ll only catch the occasional movie on TV. Then, a movie will come out that reminds me how much I love movies and I’m back on track, watching at least one movie a week, or more, in the theaters.

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