True Blood: Season Two Out with a Whimper

truebloodfinale_1_gallery_primaryOnce they wrapped up the Fellowship of the Sun storyline, the season meandered pretty dramatically for me.

Crazy ass psycho bitch Sarah Newlin (acted to perky perfection) and dim bulb Jason just clicked and I loved the wry tone of the storyline.

The maenad, not so much.  Generally speaking, nice people acting mean isn’t a favorite plot device of mine (I always hated the vampire Willow episodes of Buffy) and there was just too much of it.  And, let’s face it, not enough Eric in the final episodes of the season.

Well, and then there was the problem of Maryann and Tara overacting.  Grievously overacting, as a matter of fact.  Most especially Tara who I seriously wanted to put a sock in it.

And then there’s the overacting (or underacting or something like that) on a whole different level of Queen Sophie-Anne, who I am pretty sure flunked out of Acting 101.  (Or it’s also possible, based on her wooden performance, that she never even made it to the first  class.)  Her look was perfect – the hair, makeup and costume design were wonderful.  But that’s about as far as I can go.

As for Sookie and Bill, the proposal scene and its aftermath struck me as a bit contrived.  There is genuine (apparently, very genuine) chemistry between the two and it’s fun to see them together, but, hello, Bill is keeping some very big secrets, yes?  Big Relationship Impediment Ahead.

All in all, for me the season reached a peek around episode 10 and that is what I will remember over the long wait for season three.

So, what was your reaction?

-Sandy AAR

9 thoughts on “True Blood: Season Two Out with a Whimper

  1. Linda

    The season finale was pretty tame I thought. At least the Maryann storyline is over, it stretched on way too long. I got so tired of seeing everyone in Bon Temps acting like idiots.

    If Sookie assumes Bill ran out on her I’m going to be peeved, that would be so contrived! I hope she knows better.

    I’m not sure what to make of Sophie Ann, she’s just a tad too modern in her language for me to take her seriously. Yatzee? I don’t know..I think they could have done better with her character. Hopefully next season will be better.

    Not enough Eric I agree and even Jason wasn’t all that entertaining in the last ep, actually the more I think about it the more of a dud I think that finale was. Oh well. I’m with you in that it peaked around episode 10. I’ll still be watching come season three though, consider me still hooked!

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  2. xina

    Linda has sent me her DVD’s. I am Silly Excited….really. Cabin time will be more interesting, but I will have to pace myself and not watch them all at once.
    One question though…Of all the comments I’ve read about the 2nd season, does it seem to veer far away from the original book version?
    The players are all there, but they seem be doing their own thing. The first clue I got was that Lafayette was back. He never did come back in the series. Really love that character in TV series though, so I was glad to see he was back.
    Anyway…thanks Linda!

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  3. LinnieGayl AAR

    I had to double-check the time once Maryanne was killed. I thought that was the end. Instead, there was a lot of time left. I had high hopes, but it just fizzled out. I then thought it would end with Eric telling Sookie the truth about Bill, but no, Eric never even appeared back in town. Eh. Overall, I was happier with this season, but the ending was really weak.

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  4. Susan

    After this season, I have to ask what Alan Ball is doing. He initially says that no characters will really be leads, so we get to see bits and pieces of various storylines whether they’re worthwhile or not. The acting is campy, the accents awful, and even when Alan finds a treasure with Alexander (Eric), he’s barely given a storyline either. It shouldn’t take the airings of the episodes as well as the many months between seasons for him to figure out what’s what, but it seems he still can’t find a real focus for what the show is about.

    Maryann took up waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much of this season, and we had show after show of people acting out of character. Yaaaaaaawn. Bill & Sookie barely moved forward, and now she’s emotionally tied to Eric, but he still doesn’t seem to sense when she’s in trouble.

    Sophie Ann is also a character I couldn’t care less about, and the actress suddenly can’t act. Or she’s following the leads of the others and overacting over and above what I’d normally call camp.

    The best thing of this past season was the enormously talented 20 year old that played Godric, and of course he had to be killed off. Flashbacks with Eric or not, it just won’t be the same.

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  5. AAR Sandy Post author

    xina, season two differed from the books in substantive ways, but for the most part — a huge exception being the maenad plotline which consensus seems to agree went on way too long — it worked. Jason and Lafayette both grew on me this season and Eric was given a lot more screen time. But then it fizzled in the last few episodes.

    Susan, I think that Alan Ball is finally getting it and then he pulls the rug out from under us. Not paying off the Eric/Sookie storyline to some degree by having Eric tell her the big news about Bill is just inexplicable. (BTW, I am convinced that Godric would have begun to annoy me quickly. His halting delivery was already getting on my nerves. Killing him off was okay in my book.)

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  6. Linda

    Xina, yes it does veer off from the book in many ways – good ways IMHO. The Jessica and Hoyt storyline was one of my favorite aspects of season 2 and Jessica doesn’t even exist in the books. Jason is coming across as much more enjoyable this season and more so than in the books. The Newlins from The Fellowship of the Sun were also done really well on the show, supurb acting there. Other changes like drawing out the Maryann storyline didn’t work as well. Still I thought Season 2 was spectacular and I’m still going to be getting HBO so I can watch season 3! And I’m still very much addicted to the books. :)

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  7. kris

    I’m about a quarter way through Season 2 and I can’t stand the whole Maenad storyline. Maryann is just plain psychotic but not in an entertaining way(if that makes sense). Jason is hilarious and his character has really grown on me. Tara needs to chill out . The constant anger is getting a little annoying. Lafayette is just awesome.
    Eric isn’t quite what I was expecting. The actor is excellent but I was expecting someone a little more rugged looking(think Sean Bean looks). For all the things I don’t like, there is more that I do enjoy. All the characters are memorable and the series is very well written. I plan on staying up late tonight and watching a few more episodes. I might have to break down and actually get HBO because I won’t want to wait to see season 3 when it starts next summer.

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