My, Aren’t I Shallow?


It’s hot out there. ¬†How ’bout a shower to cool down?

-Sandy AAR

13 thoughts on “My, Aren’t I Shallow?

  1. AAR Heather

    OMG! Saying that I love the tattoo sounds like such an understatement in the whole grade scheme of things.

  2. Kim T

    So pretty…I think the tattoo makes it 10x better, too! I love how you’re so obsessed with Eric/Aleksandr, Sandy! I do love True Blood, but I have to say I still thank Stellan is sexier than his son!

    That being said, I get the same way about my hunk obsession, Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan!

  3. AAR Heather

    I think I watched this like seven or eight times today. I have to back away from the computer now! By the way, what other two guys?

  4. MarissaB

    So…. that guy in the middle is Eric from True Blood? Huh. Totally missed it the first 5 times I watched this. Forgot to check out the faces. ;-)

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