My, Aren’t I Shallow?

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It’s hot out there. ¬†How ’bout a shower to cool down?

-Sandy AAR

13 Responses to “My, Aren’t I Shallow?”

  1. AAR Heather says:

    OMG! Saying that I love the tattoo sounds like such an understatement in the whole grade scheme of things.

  2. KristieJ says:

    But dayum!! Isn’t it fun being shallow on occasion??

  3. Katie Mack says:

    Mmm, mmm, mmm.

  4. Oh my! There’s nothing in that clip that’s going to cool anyone down.

  5. Kim T says:

    So pretty…I think the tattoo makes it 10x better, too! I love how you’re so obsessed with Eric/Aleksandr, Sandy! I do love True Blood, but I have to say I still thank Stellan is sexier than his son!

    That being said, I get the same way about my hunk obsession, Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan!

  6. AAR Sandy says:

    Somebody told me that there are apparently two other guys in that scene. Really?

  7. AAR Heather says:

    I think I watched this like seven or eight times today. I have to back away from the computer now! By the way, what other two guys?

  8. Katie Mack says:

    Damn subtitles! They’re blocking the view!

  9. MarissaB says:

    So…. that guy in the middle is Eric from True Blood? Huh. Totally missed it the first 5 times I watched this. Forgot to check out the faces. ;-)

  10. Ellen AAR says:

    Nice, but I think they’d look better without the tattoos.

  11. xina says:

    It’s good to be shallow. And I’m sticking to that! (yes, I am)

  12. Lee says:

    Ok, Sandy, what is this from and how did you find it? (and will you post more when you get ‘em?).